Work Burn

When this here blog was still somewhat in its infancy, I did a series of blog relating the burns I laid down on a kid I used to work with that I called Newb. That’s not just me changing his name on here to protect his identity. I actually called him Newb to his face. It was a name he earned by telling me that he had never watched either of the Airplane! movies, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, or Spaceballs. I mean, can you blame me? What else was I supposed to call someone so uneducated in the ways of comedy?


While the place I work at now isn’t all that strict upon what we say to each other, I’ve cut down on the burns I hand out because I mostly work with people who don’t exactly share my sense of humor. That’s not exactly a bad thing, considering some of the things that I find funny, but it also means I don’t have a proper outlet for the things that pop into my head.

On Friday, I had an opportunity present itself that I couldn’t pass up, no matter who was around. Thankfully, nobody got offended. Enjoy…

My team lead stuck a temp with me as a shadow. He was supposed to watch everything I was doing so he could learn some of the hundreds of things I’m expected to do every day. One of those things was taking a skid of radios over to the other company who is in the building with us. When we got over there, the guy who we were dropping the radio off to was someone I knew I could joke around with. So, after I parked the skid, I told the temp, “This is Blah. He’s an asshole.”

The temp introduced himself to Blah. Afterwards, Blah looked at me and asked, “Why I gotta be the asshole?”

“Because you are what you eat.”


2 comments on “Work Burn

  1. It’s just so wonderful to be able to let that sort of comment out, isn’t it? I’m amused, even if no-one else is. 😀

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