DICO – Things To Come

The Boss watched the replay of the press conference the news ran the following morning and tried not to laugh. They were anointing a man whose superpowers were detachable nipples as the city’s savior. He had been bothered by the last man who practiced vigilantism here, but that buffoon had been dealt with. His criminal career had barely started back then. Now he was the most powerful man in the city. The question now was what to do about the new guy.

This DICO had already foiled one of his jobs. Granted, the two men who he had beaten were just low level thugs. If The Boss was really worried about making sure he killed the shop owner, he would’ve sent better men.

While he was thinking about it, he made a mental note to have those two bungling idiots killed in prison. Their loss to DICO proved how expendable they were. Being taken down by nipples might be acceptable if they belonged to a female, but having man nipples cause your downfall wasn’t going to be tolerated.

He called in Jefferey, his top underling, and told him to have the two prisoners taken care of. Jefferey told him it would be done and left the room. The Boss turned his attention back to the DICO problem. It would be relatively simple to kill the “superhero”, he thought. But should he?

After all, DICO posed almost no real threat to him. If left alone, he might disrupt a few if his minor dealings, but it would be tolerable. If he killed him, it might invite more trouble. There were actual superheroes out there and they may start to look a little harder at this city if another vigilante got killed here.

Just as he decided to leave DICO alone, Jefferey stuck his head in the door. “The mayor’s calling,” Jefferey said. “He’s wanting you to bribe him again.”

“What for this time,” The Boss sighed.

“He says if you pay him, he’ll have the cops arrest that DICO dude.”

“Remind the mayor that I don’t need to bribe him when I can just kill him if he doesn’t do what I want and all killing him would only cost me is one bullet.”

“I will, boss, but he’s pretty insistent today. He says he needs some untraceable money that his ‘whore of a wife’ can’t get to. ”

The Boss threw a cold look Jefferey’s way. “Whore of a wife?”

Jefferey threw his hands up defensively. “His words, Boss, not mine.”

“Let me see if I’ve got this straight: He has three mistresses. His wife finds an old classmate from college on Facebook and all she does is catch up with him over a few emails. Yet, somehow, she’s the whore?”

All Jefferey could do is shrug. The Boss let out a long sigh. “Wedding vows used to mean something in this world. Now they’re about as reliable as a Cleveland Browns quarterback.”

“It’s a shame,” Jefferey agreed.

“Kill him,” the Boss said after a moment’s deliberation, “but don’t send anyone, Jefferey. I want you to do it personally. And have CQ kill the shopkeeper. I hate loose ends.”

“It will be done, Boss. What about DICO?”

“Leave him be for now. Let’s see how he handles the death of the leader of the city he’s supposed to be protecting. “

4 comments on “DICO – Things To Come

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Hmmm. Interesting. When is the next episode?

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