The First 33 Grams of Blog Contest

Way back in December of 2014, over at The Matticus Kingdom, I put out a call for people to write a post about who they thought was fiction’s greatest archer and why. I thought it would be a fun debate.

It was a spectacular failure.

Other than Matticus and myself, only one other person wrote a post (shoutout to desertskys for being so awesome! ). While many people left their choices in the comments, I was wanting people to do actual posts. The comments told me the ‘who’. I wanted the ‘why’.

While the ‘who’ might be good enough to start the discussion, it’s the ‘why’ that actually turns it into a debate. The ‘why’ makes people say things like, “I didn’t know that,” or, “I never thought of it that way,” instead of just, “My person is better than yours.”

So when Matticus and I were trying to come up with contests we could do to give away free signed copies of our book, this is the first thing that came to my mind: bringing this back.

Here are the rules:
1. Write a post about who you think is the greatest archer ever to appear in fiction. It doesn’t have to be a very long post. It just needs to say who your choice is and give a couple reasons why. Although, if your archer appears in multiple mediums (such as Green Arrow, who is in comic books and TV), please specify which version of that character you think is the greatest archer.
2. Link back to this article.
3. At the end of two weeks, I will make a new post that has a poll with all of the entries and I will let the masses vote for who they think is the winner.
4. Whoever gets the most votes wins an autographed copy of The Erratic Sun!

Simple enough, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Get writing !

14 comments on “The First 33 Grams of Blog Contest

  1. djmatticus says:

    Reblogged this on The Matticus Kingdom and commented:

    Revis is offering up a chance to win a copy of The Erratic Sun with his famous signature on it. Head over to his page and play along in the contest!

  2. Holly says:

    I feel bad because I meant to do this and then didn’t. I don’t think I will have the time again anytime soon, so I will just hold out and buy your book on payday 🙂 Congrats again to you and DJ on this venture!

  3. […] guess I should explain that my naming convention is just for The Kingdom, because Revis has his own contest running too.  But, hey, that just means even more opportunities to win a copy of this fantastic […]

  4. Having won a copy from the Jester, I don’t think it would be fair to enter this! Good luck to all who do.

    • You could always do a post putting your two cents in and not have it be part of the contest. I could either leave your name out of the poll or, if you win, go to the next person in line.

  5. […] I don’t enter contests. But I love and admire authors and I am compelled. So check out REVIS over on 33 Grams Of […]

  6. Elyse says:

    ArchER??? I thought you meant arch nemesis for some reason — cartoon bad guys. And since I’m not at all into that stuff, I passed.

    I may be able to come up with something about an archer. No promises, though! It’s still not really my thing.

  7. […] to enter the 33 Grams of Blog contest to win a signed copy of the book Matticus and I wrote? Don’t worry! There’s still time […]

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