Moving Day

It’s official. We have a house.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Revis, Baby E, and I moved into our new house.

First, let me complain about the sheer volume of paperwork that needs to be filled out and signed when you buy a house. I’m shocked that my fingers haven’t fallen off yet from the number of signatures I was forced to do. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if some people are renting apartments right now just so don’t have to go through all of the house-buying paperwork.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with it. Instead of boring you with the HGTV details, such as number of bathrooms, I’ll simply say that, unlike our old apartment, our new house has enough room for all of us, and all of our things. That was the biggest problem with where we were living: not enough space. Between the three of us, we outgrew it. It was a constant fight to find places for everything.

Having all this space is weird. After being crammed in for so long, having room to put everything is such an odd feeling. Of course, buying my own house is an odd feeling too. Growing up, buying a house was never something I dreamed about. It was always assumed that I’d just have one. As I got older, and reality set in, I was never sure that I’d ever be able to afford one without winning the lottery. I pretty much accepted that I was going to be renting the rest of my life.

Look at me now. I have my own house.

….. So……. anyone want to help me unpack??


13 comments on “Moving Day

  1. rarasaur says:

    Ahhhh! YAY! Congrats! ❤

  2. djmatticus says:

    You actually touched on a truth in the industry. The process of buying a house (paperwork, etc…) does in fact keep some people from buying. It’s a lot of moving pieces and it is very stressful to make sure it all gets done once the escrow clock starts ticking. The house is your reward for making it through the process. Well done.
    I’m still not going to help you unpack though.

  3. bardictale says:

    Cheers! May you enjoy your new house, and may it become a home quickly.
    I’d love to help you unpack, but I don’t have money for a plane ticket, and by the time I make it by boat, I hope you’ll be settled in…you could, alternately, use the boxes to build a fortress for Baby E.

  4. Congratulations on the house and the move and the bathrooms! I bet you still don’t have space to take a decent dump though… 😉

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