This Time of Year

Lately, it has become harder and harder to say anything to anyone about all of the holidays that happen around this time. If you say, “Merry Christmas,” chances are that a non-Christian will become offended. If you say, “Happy holidays,” Christians will become offended. “What’s the solution, Revis,” you ask me.

It’s quite simple. In order to avoid offending anyone, you need to say things that are acceptable year round. Personally, the phrase that I find that works the best is “Go fuck yourself!”

It works in almost any situation and almost everyone you know needs to hear it.

Thank you for listening and go fuck yourself.


7 comments on “This Time of Year

  1. The Cutter says:

    Do people really get offended? Or is that a media creation?

  2. I get annoyed by people posting the whole “wish me Merry Christmas” thing too, and I am a Christian. The word “holiday” comes from “holy day”. There’s a ton of saints days around Christmas time, so even for Christians, “Happy Holidays” should be way more appropriate.

    Being a follower of a faith is OK. Being a jerk is not. Too many people, sadly, are jerks. I think you have the right greeting there, Revis.

    • My wife is one of the “It’s Merry Christmas”, not “Happy holidays” people, but it’s not because of a religious belief or anything. She’s mad that it was changed because of a bunch of whiny politically correct people.

  3. myzania says:

    I say Merry Christmas because that’s what i’m used to saying. For the most part it hasn’t caused a stir.

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