I don’t know what it is about The Man Without Fear,  but for some reason I’ve always been drawn to him. He’s not very powerful. He’s not a mechanical genius. He doesn’t have all of those wonderful toys. So, why do I consider him to be one of my favorite comic book characters?

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because of all of those things that I like him. He doesn’t have all the gadgets like Batman. He doesn’t have the technical know how like Iron Man. He doesn’t have a lot of awesome powers like Superman. Hell, Daredevil’s powers are pretty weak…

But he’s still a badass.

That’s why I like him. He’s still a badass even though he shouldn’t be. So, years ago, when they announced the movie, I was excited.  I thought it would be awesome to see him up on the big screen. Then I watched it…

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. The movie wasn’t completely horrible. There were a few things that I liked about it… I think…. uhhh…. well, the soundtrack was good anyway.

So when I found out that they were making a Daredevil show, I kept my excitement in check. Granted, they were doing great things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I wouldn’t get fully invested into it before watching it. When I started the first episode, I was nervous. It turns out, I didn’t need to be.

They did an awesome job with the show. They stayed true to the characters.  They made a great story without veering too far away from the comics. I’ve watched the season twice already, and will probably watch it again right before season 2 launches.

If you have Netflix,  and like comic book stories,  you really need to watch it. If you don’t have Netflix,  get it for one month if only to watch this show. It’s totally worth the $8.

6 comments on “Daredevil

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    The soundtrack was awesome. The movie could have been so much better.

    I’m so clueless regarding the series. Thank you for putting it on my radar.

    Netflix is raising their price by a dollar a month. Just so ya know.

  2. Scott says:

    I’ve watched most of the first season. I think there’s only a couple episodes left. I like it, too.

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