Life with Baby E

Life with children is very interesting. They’re very good at keeping you on your toes. It gets even more intense as they begin speaking. This is mainly because the things they say will either make you laugh, or make you mad.

Baby E is no exception to this rule. Half the time she’s whining about not getting her way. The other half is spent saying something that makes my day.

Here are a few examples of the latter (there actually should be more here but I keep forgetting to write them down as they happen):

On the way to my mother’s new apartment, there’s a run down barn on the side of the road. The first time she saw it, she asked me what happened to it.
“I don’t know, honey. What do you think happened?”
“Hulk smashed it.”

I pulled up into the parking lot at my mom’s the other day. Instead of having the handicap spot marked with paint, they have a sign that sticks out of the ground. Even though there was plenty of room to get around it, Baby E walked past it, bumping into the sign with her shoulder.
“Watch out for the sign,” I told her.
“What sign,” she asked back.
“The sign you just ran into.”
“Oh……. It’s ok. I fine.”

My wife went to her dad’s house one Sunday morning and took Baby E with her. When they got back, Baby E showed me a small cut that she had gotten on one of her fingers from falling while they were there. After I kissed it to make it better, I asked her what happened.
“Zombies did it.”

That’s my girl!!!!!


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