My First Pickup Line

We’ve all heard them. Most of them are cheesy as hell. It’s actually kind of mind boggling that guys think they’ll work. There really haven’t been too many occasions when the ones that I have said weren’t spoken for comedic effect.

The story I’m about to tell you is one of those times.

This happened back when I was in high school. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. My best friend was going away to church camp for 3 or 4 days. I decided to go with him. Not because I wanted to go to church camp, but because I wanted to hang out with my friend. Plus, it got me away from my dad and brothers for a few days.

Our first night there, they packed us onto a bus and took us somewhere (for the life of me, I can’t remember where) on buses. When we got back, I stepped off the bus. As I was waiting for my friend to walk off of it, I said the pickup line.

The strange thing about it is that the whole thing was accidental. It was never meant to be a pickup line. This was just a random thought in my head that I gave voice to, for some reason. I also didn’t think anyone, other than my friend (who was coming off the bus right behind me) was close enough to hear me.

As soon as my friend stepped off the bus, I looked at the ground and said, “The grass is still green at night.”

And there it was; the random thought spoken out loud. A strange look creeped upon my friend’s face at the statement. He obviously thought I was nuts. From behind us, however, we heard someone say, “It is still green at night.”

When we turned to see who had spoken, we saw a girl standing there looking at me. Most of her features have been lost in my mind over time. I do remember that she had short blonde hair and wore glasses. Her name was Sarah (but I’m not sure if it was with or without the h at the end).

I thought she was cute so we started talking…. and kept talking.

The rest of our time there, if I wasn’t with my friend, I was with her (or we were all hanging out together). We shared some laughs, some good times, and even a kiss or two.

The camp ended. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Once I got home I tried calling her once, about a week later, and she ended up not being home. After that she turned into a random memory.

I’m not going to try to romanticize the few days we spent together. After all, it was only a few days. We were also very young back then. Even if we did stay in touch, the distance between us (she lived about an hour away) would’ve prevented anything more from happening.

Besides, even if by some miracle, we could’ve worked it out, I’m glad we didn’t. Maybe I could’ve been very happy with Sarah. I don’t know. But, if I was happy with her, I never would’ve been with Mrs Revis and that would mean I never would’ve had Baby E.

I wouldn’t give either of them up for anything. My wife and daughter are everything to me. Their happiness is all that matters.

So, now, when my mind occasionally wanders back to Sarah and my pickup line, it’s not because I wonder what could have been. I just find it interesting (and a bit funny) that I was once able to convince a cute girl who had never met me before to spend almost a week with me just because I said the sentence, “The grass is still green at night. ”

Maybe it’s not so mind boggling that guys use pickup lines. I used one and I got the girl.


2 comments on “My First Pickup Line

  1. Happy memories. Glad that you have them, and evidence of an unintentional pickup line that worked. 😀

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