My Time Away

There were two months in between my last two posts. In my previous offering to you guys, I told you I wouldn’t bore you with what I was doing during that time. Instead, I’m going to bore you with it now.

By percentages, most of that time was spent either at work or asleep. I did other things too, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Most of my free time was spent with my wife and daughter. Here’s a few things I did other than that. I finally beat Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was a really good game. They definitely improved on the things that I didn’t like about Dragon Age 2.

As my writing partner, Matticus, alluded to in comments, we finished writing our story. We have started the editing process and, hopefully, it will be completely done soon. I will keep you all updated on when and where you can get it.

Just recently, my wife, daughter, and I went to Ann Arbor for a family reunion on my Dad’s side. It was great seeing everyone again. It had been years since I had seen them. The weekend was a lot of fun (except for the sunburn) and I hope it isn’t years in between the next family reunion I can make it to.

.I’m putting together another writing project. As soon as I get a few more things figured out, I’ll let you know more about it. I may need your help with it.

That’s all of the big things. I won’t go into all of the movie/TV watching I did, I suppose I could go into all the time I spent in the bathroom, but that would probably be uncomfortable for all of us.

Oh well. See you next time.


2 comments on “My Time Away

  1. All we need to know is that your digestive system is healthy, Revis. Yay for family get-to-gethers, and for Baby E.

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