A Baby E Update

It’s potty training time in our household. Baby E has been doing pretty well with it. Something happened the other day that I feel I must share because it is hilarious.
I was watching T.V. when she ran up to me and yelled,  “I need to poopy!”
That means I have to follow her to the bathroom because she isn’t tall enough to reach the light switch yet. I turn it on and go back to watching T.V. (our bathroom is right next to the living room so I was still close to her). A minute goes by and I don’t hear anything from her. I started getting worried because, as every parent knows, silence is never a good thing. I was just about to go check on her when I heard it.
It was a very loud grunt, followed by my sweet, little baby girl screaming, “Come out, poopy! Come out! ”
I love my daughter. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


2 comments on “A Baby E Update

  1. Cute! Hope the poopy did eventually exit her system!

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