Hey Lady

I know that men are pigs. We are constantly thinking about sex. It’s also in our nature to check women out. However,  that is not what we’re doing every single time a female is in our eyes.
For example,  let’s say a woman was walking down the aisle in a warehouse. A man stops and looks at her. She walks off in a huff acting like he was trying to picture her naked. Madame,  I assure you, he was not trying to picture you naked. He only does that to attractive women. I’ll tell you what he was doing.

He was trying to figure out if you are stupid, or just a bitch.
Let me explain. Out of all of the dozens of aisles in the warehouse, you decided to walk down the one that he was in…. driving a forklift. According to safety regulations, he’s not allowed to operate the vehicle with you that close, so you made him stop. And , as I said earlier, he’s looking at you to determine what exactly you are.
You are either stupid ( because you apparently don’t realize that walking down an aisle that has people on heavy machinery isn’t a good idea) or you are a bitch ( because you would rather inconvenience the guy on the forklift than take two seconds to walk down a different aisle).
I’m glad I could educate you on why that particular man was looking at you. I’m sorry you were confused about it. In the future, if you don’t want him looking at you, here’s some advice: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!!!


8 comments on “Hey Lady

  1. Serins says:

    😀 I don’t think a guy is undressing me every time he looks at me.

    Although them forklift things they have in a shop are intimidating to me,which is why I would walk off into the opposite direction if I got what I waned.

    • I’m starting to think they’re putting something in the water over there because, with a couple of exceptions, every woman on the other side of the building looks at every guy on my side of the building like they are a sexual predator. Most days I just ignore it. Some days, however, it just pisses me off.

      • Serins says:

        Being a woman I can guess why. I know there are a lot of decent guys out there – but there are a lot of non-decent ones as well.
        I’m not going to say more on the topic.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Why? Oh my gosh. As a she person, I died a bit inside for her.

  3. Sheesh, some people are just ridiculous, aren’t they? “I know, I’ll just step in front of this large vehicle to get what I want because it’s in my way and it’s inconveniencing me” with no thought to the fact that perhaps said large vehicle might not actually be able to stop in time. It’s quite a large wonder that there aren’t more people killed on train tracks.

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