The New Story Idea

Last week, I asked you all for help in coming up with a comic book character that I could revitalize.  I wanted someone who wasn’t a badass so I could turn them into a badass.  I also talked about it with some of the comic book geeks at work. The idea I have is one I really like and I want to make it work.
So, I agonized over who to pick. The guys at work threw out a bunch of suggestions. I thought about it quite a bit. In the end, I could never think of any Marvel or D.C. character that seemed right for the story I had in mind.
The question remained: who would I use?

The biggest problem that I had was how much I liked my idea. If I thought the idea was only decent, I wouldn’t care as much about who I used. I could just throw anybody in there and it wouldn’t matter.
I’m actually pretty excited about this idea, however. Once it’s finished, depending on how good I think it turns out, I may want to look into publishing it. I can’t really do that if I use a Marvel or D.C. character.
That’s when I remembered that there was a character that I had written years ago that I could revamp.
Around the time I was 20, I wrote a small four part miniseries about a character I named FreezerBurn. He was, basically, Iceman from the X-Men. Apparently, back then I wasn’t concerned about being original. Also, looking back on it now, I’m not really crazy about the name either. I’m not going to change it though. I’ve heard way worse superhero names. I’m also going to leave the four part story I wrote in place and just have this new story take place afterwards. Since nobody except me knows the original story, I’m going to work it into the new story a little at a time.
The one thing I will be changing are his powers. They will still be ice based, but they will be different than they were before.
The only thing I’ve been having trouble with is how to write it. I could write it as a story, and publish the parts on here, or I could write it out as a comic book script. I’d like to show my work to everyone but I also would like to have this story actually published. If I post it on here, it wouldn’t really make sense to try to publish it. Why would anyone buy it if they could read it on here for free?
But I’m also not sure if I’ll ever find anyone willing to draw it out for me. I’d do it myself, but when it comes to drawing, my talent is non-existent. So, even if I do write this incredible script, there’s no guarantee that it will ever be drawn.
I’m still not sure what to do. Anybody got any advice?


8 comments on “The New Story Idea

  1. El Guapo says:

    If you don’t have friends who can draw, try a local arts chool, or even a craigslist ad.

    • I don’t know, Guap. My comic book writing and my friends haven’t seemed to mix well in the past. There was a friend of mine who was supposed to draw Dead Set for me. Then, after he did some character sketches that I thought were awesome, and we agreed on the look we were going for, he backed out on me and never told me why.
      I also used to draw a stick figure comic about me and my friends. It was kind of like Captain Procrastination in that it wasn’t to be taken seriously. It was just supposed to be funny. One of my friends took exception to how I portrayed him. In his defense, in the comic I had him start a cult based on the worship of soft toilet paper.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    I’m sorry. I have no advice. Big help…not.

  3. As El Guapo says, why not try the local art school? You may find a kid who’s into comics and can draw but doesn’t have a story. Or is there a local shop that specialises in comics or sci fi & fantasy that you could put an ad up in? Just a thought or two. Good luck with finding someone.

  4. bardictale says:

    You could try the DeviantArt community to try and find someone online, if this is still relevant.
    (You could also just walk up to someone with a sketch book at a convention. Either said owner would be happy to oblige, or he knows someone.)

    • The plan was to write my story on my phone while on break at work. I got half of the first issue written and I saved it. The next time I tried to open the file, all but the first three pages were gone.
      Ever since then, my motivation to work on it has disappeared…..

      • bardictale says:

        Ugh, that’s awful. But from what you said, it seems like this story doesn’t deserve to collect dust. Perhaps you could use Dropbox or Gmail to store what you’re writing? I know they have apps, and the files get corrupted less often.

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