CD Returns

My company fixes car stereos.  That’s the fun thing we do. Whenever we get in a stereo to be repaired, we make sure that all of the dealership’s information is in our computer. That way, if there are any CDs left or stuck in the unit, we can return them back to the dealership and they can be given back to the person they belong to.

Today, we received the following email:


This customer received back one cd and one tape.  States there were 4-5 more cds in the unit.  Do we still have these cds, some were Yanni.

….. Let me see if I’ve got this right. The customer is accusing us of stealing *snicker* Yanni *chortle* CDs?

Excuse me for a minute….


Ahem. Wait. Hold on….


Are you seriously implying that we stole their Yanni CDs?

Let me explain how stealing works, dealership. People steal something when either they want it, or they can sell it for profit. We’ll start with the first one; wanting. Other than your obviously tone-deaf customer, nobody wants Yanni CDs. In fact, I’m pretty sure even Yanni doesn’t want to listen to Yanni.

As for the second on, selling, even if we found another sad soul who likes Yanni, finding someone who actually still buys CDs is damn near impossible these days. Most people either buy music online from places like iTunes, or they listen to it for free on sites like Pandora.

So, dealership, you need to be going back to these customers. You need to be telling them that we don’t have their damn Yanni CDs and we never did. While you’re at it, tell them that even if we did lose their Yanni CDs, they shouldn’t be upset about it. They should be thanking us for doing them a huge favor.


5 comments on “CD Returns

  1. If I was sending in my stereo for repair (not that I own a car to do so) I’d make sure any CDs or tapes (embarrassing or otherwise) were no longer in the stereo (providing of course that the problem isn’t getting the darned thing to eject said item).

    I guess too many people don’t run on common sense.

  2. Scott says:

    How many CDs did that thing hold??

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