Versus: Episode 13

In the last episode of Versus, I did matchups of different actors playing the same character (I know it was a long time ago, so if you forgot what happened, click here). This time, I thought I’d flip it. I decided to go with matchups of different characters played by the same actor.

As with all of my other matchups, I’m going to try to keep them as fair as I possibly can. After all, Harrison Ford played both Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but that wouldn’t be much of a fair fight. A whip and a pistol may be good in the 1930s, but they’re no match for a blaster at your side.

Because they both have powers, I was tempted to do an Ian McKellan: Magneto vs. Gandalf matchup. I won’t be doing that one…at least not yet. I’d like to keep from reusing characters as long as I can and I’ve already done a matchup with Gandalf. Speaking of Lord of the Rings, however….


I know I’ve said before that I’d try to use characters that most people could identify. I’m kind of stretching that with this one because Pathfinder is a movie that I’m not sure is one most people have seen. However, I decided to go through with this matchup for one reason: Karl Urban is badass.

Eomer, in Lord of the Rings, is the nephew of Théoden, king of Rohan. He is the leader of the Rohirrim, Rohan’s cavalry. At the end of The Two Towers, he shows up with Gandalf and they end up saving the king, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and the rest of the citizens of Rohan. He is also one of Théoden’s generals in the battle of Minas Tirith and kicks some major orc ass (By the way, if any of you name your band Major Orc Ass, I want to be thanked in some way, either on your website or in your CD cover).

Ghost, in Pathfinder, is the son of Vikings who is abandoned as a child and taken in by a tribe of Native Americans. They raise him as one of their own. When he is older, a new band of Vikings comes back and kills part of his tribe, including his adoptive parents. He then kills them all to not only avenge his parents, but also to protect the remainder of the tribe.

Eomer is a soldier. He is very good at fighting with his sword either on horseback or on foot. His weapons and armor are better. Ghost, while not as good with his sword, is more of a tactical fighter. He uses hit-and-run strikes to confuse his enemies. Because he relies more on speed, he wears little to no armor.

I think this one would depend on the setting of the fight. If you took them both and threw them in a room together, Eomer would win this fight easily. If it took place in a patch of forest, I’d have to give the edge to Ghost.

Since I force myself to pick only one winner, I’m going to have to go with Eomer. He actually had formal fight training, while Ghost practiced his swordsmanship by himself for most of his life. Native Americans didn’t use them, so he had no one to teach him.


I bet you thought I was going to do a Human Torch/Captain America matchup, didn’t you? HA! GOTCHA!

I’m going to assume that most of you out there know what the Human Torch’s powers are, and even if you don’t, they’re pretty easy to figure out just by looking at his name, so I’m not going to waste too much time explaining them. Although, I just wasted a lot of time telling you I wasn’t going to waste time by telling you….weird.

Nick Gant, in Push, is what they called a “mover”. Basically, movers are telekinetic. They can move things with their minds. In the beginning of the movie, Nick’s powers are not that advanced. He knows enough about them to usually get himself out of trouble, but that’s about it. As the movie progresses, he learns more about his powers and he is able to do more things with them.

Did he learn enough to be able to defeat the Human Torch?

I’m going to have to say no. Movers were able to create shields, which could help him keep Torch’s flames at bay, but he didn’t have the control necessary by the end of the movie to do that. Nick would get fried going against him. It’d be an interesting fight, but Johnny Storm wins this one.

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you have an idea for a matchup that you’d like to see me do, feel free to leave those in the comments, as well.


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