The Tools I Have to Deal With

At least once a day, at work, we get an email from the other company in the building that basically calls either me or my team leader stupid. Most of the time, it’s because one of the temps we have working with us has screwed up and, because we actually work there, we get blamed for it. Of course, there are a few times when we actually deserve it. Not many, but it has happened.

Last week, instead of an email from the other company, we received something else. Whenever we don’t accept a radio, for whatever reason, we’ll send it back to the dealership with a rejection form explaining why we’re not accepting it. The thing that we received was our rejection form with a note written on it by the dealer. In the note, the dealer called me out specifically.

Now, I will publically bash the moron who wrote this note. However, I will keep the tool’s anonymity intact as I do so (though I could put his name out there for everyone to see if I wanted to. I must admit that it is tempting to not take the high road).

The unit that was rejected was originally sent back because there was no paperwork in the box. When the dealership sent the unit back, it included the rejection form with this written on it. By the way, I’m leaving the words spelled the exact way they were written in the note.

Seriously the form was under the flaps on the bottom of the box. This guy (with a line pointing to my signature) need a talking to because now I’ve payed freight twice for his mistake.

When I first read it, I had to start laughing. Those two sentences proved to me how incredibly stupid this guy was. Not only was his grammar atrocious, there was at least three things wrong with his statements.

  1. The form was NOT under the flaps on the bottom of the box. Even though that is an incredibly dumb place to put the form, we look there anyways. The five seconds it takes us to check the entire box is a lot shorter than the 10-15 minutes it takes us to do everything we have to do to reject it. But, for the sake of argument, I’ll let them have this one. There are still two other reasons that this guy is a complete tool.
  2. The form that was sent back was for a different radio than the one that was in the box. The form was for an audio unit. They sent back a navigation unit.
  3. The dealerships only have 30 days to return a radio, otherwise we won’t accept it. The form they sent back was from 7 months ago.

So, basically, even if they had sent in the form the first time, it would’ve been rejected anyways. It could’ve been rejected for any of those three reasons above. In fact, the only reason that we have for rejecting it that he didn’t give us on this order was that it was actually one of our radios. After reading his idiotic babbling, I’m surprised he actually sent the unit back to the correct radio manufacturer.

Actually, after reading his idiotic babbling, I’m surprised that he ever learned how to breathe.

8 comments on “The Tools I Have to Deal With

  1. goldfish says:

    Ah, the joys of customer service.

    • Normally, if we were to do something wrong, we wouldn’t hear about it directly. It’d go to the other company first, which is why we get emails from them that basically call us stupid.

  2. Scott says:

    I see dumb people.

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    That guy is lucky you took the high road.

  4. The really scary thing is that stupid people aren’t too stupid to breed. They’re perfectly capable of reproducing. Probably because sex mostly goes on instinct.

    I have a horrible feeling that the human race is doomed.

  5. […] couple of months or so ago, I posted about the idiots I have to put up with at my job. That post was mostly about a particular car dealership who sent me a note calling me stupid while […]

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