Sceptre of Chaos Chapter 11

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Fragiel fell to the floor. Accura’s hold of him had been dropped as she was forced to turn her attention towards battling the other gods. All he was able to do for many moments was to continue to writhe in agony. The goddess’ touch was meant to linger. When he was finally able to free himself from the pain, he found Kerven Blade standing protectively over him.

The dwarf was busy keeping one of the human/scorpion hybrids at bay. He was dodging back and forth, keeping the thing’s tail as far away from his body as he could. Despite going through its transformation, it was probably still poisonous. Even if it wasn’t, getting hit by the tail wasn’t something he wanted to experience anyways. With a smile, he touched the hilts of his two curved daggers together.

Suddenly, there was nothing in between the scorpion-man and Fragiel. The priest began backing away from it when a pained shriek erupted from the creature’s mouth. It fell over dead, Kerven standing behind it with bloody blades. Fragiel wanted to ask him how he had done it, but the floor beneath them rumbled. Everyone in the chamber tried to hold their balance as the gods began to battle it out.

The first thing Accura did was throw up a magical wall at the doorway. She knew it wouldn’t hold for more than a few seconds, but those were seconds that she needed. “Parshal”, she shouted. “I will give you some time. Make as many as you can before they can stop you.”

Without acknowledging his goddess, because that would waste time, Parshal turned towards the horde and began reciting the words again. As before, the numbers of the hybrids doubled, causing the cavern to become even more crowded. The new High Priest knew that if he doubled them again, the sheer amount of bodies would begin crushing the people in the room to death. He lowered the sceptre long enough to issue an order.

“I need half of each group to leave now,” he commanded. “Go out into the world and do our goddess’ work!”

As the hybrids began pouring out of the exits, the chamber was jolted once again, causing most of those remaining to fall to the floor. The other gods had broken through Accura’s wall. She threw up a few more defenses, but each of them were easily defeated.

All six of Accura’s brothers and sisters were now in the chamber. Unlike the goddess of chaos, however, they chose not to make themselves visible to the mortals. Accura lashed out, attacking all of them at once. With a wave of their hands, each of the other gods dissipated the energy from the attack. Knowing that she had no chance of defeating them in this chamber, she quickly retreated back to the gods’ plane of existence. The battle would be more favorable for her there.

Parshal felt his goddess leave. He held his faith that she did only what she had to do. Now, he had to do that, as well. Pointing the sceptre at the horde, he invoked the power of the object once more.

Nothing happened. He shook his head and prepared to try again.

Across the room, Kerven laughed. “Ha! It didn’t work.”

“Of course not,” Fragiel grunted while fighting off a bear-dwarf with a broken table leg that he had picked up. “It’s an object of chaos. It’s not going to work the same every time.”

The former priest bashed the bear-dwarf in the face with the improvised weapon, but it did nothing more than anger the beast. He struck it again, this time breaking the table leg in half in the process. “Here,” he heard Kerven call.

Fragiel turned just in time to catch his mace. He wondered how the dwarf had come to possess his weapon, but the question was soon replaced in his mind by the thought of dodging the next dwarf-bear attack. The creature swung wildly, showing the priest the back of its head. This time, when he hit, Fragiel was rewarded with the sound of its skull cracking.

“Go,” he shouted at the dwarf. “Stop him from using the sceptre again!”

Kerven touched the hilts of his daggers together again, activating their magic. It allowed him to teleport himself short distances. In this case, he teleported himself to be standing right in front of the new High Priest. He hoped that by placing himself in between Parshal and the horde, he’d disrupt the priest’s use of the sceptre. Parshal completed his casting as normal, however.

The sceptre flared, giving off a bright light. Turning around, he saw that the sceptre hadn’t doubled the horde. It had actually quadrupled it. Now, there were so many creatures in the room that they were bursting out of all of the exits. Somehow, the area that he and Parshal were occupying was spared from the crush of the crowd. Fragiel was not as lucky, he saw, as the former priest was nowhere to be seen.

Parshal wasted no time and began chanting the words to activate the sceptre. Kerven touched the hilts of his daggers together, jumping behind the man. The priest finished his incantation just as Kerven’s daggers dug into his back.

Another explosion, this time coming from within, rocked the cavern. The dwarf had a split second to wonder what had happened before the world turned black on him.


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