Keeping It In

Not often, but every once in a while, I find myself wanting to put something onto Facebook, but end up keeping it to myself. I do this for a number of reasons: I’ll not want coworkers to see something or I don’t want to get “the look” from my wife.

Usually, however, I do it because my twin nephews can see what I put out there. For example…

A week ago, Mrs. Revis bought me a bottle of pumpkin flavored eggnog after hearing me say a day or two before that I’d like to try it. Because of where she put it in the refrigerator, I completely forgot about it until last night. So, I finally had a glass….


It was some incredibly tasty stuph. If you like pumpkin pie, you’ll love it. My wife, who doesn’t really care for eggnog all that much, even liked it. After I finished off the glass, I thought of something incredibly funny (well, to me anyways. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Revis won’t find it funny) to put on Facebook. I had it all typed out, and was about to hit post when I realized that it was a joke not for all audiences. I’m hoping that the twins wouldn’t understand it, but I didn’t want to take the chance. I kept it in.

Since I’m pretty sure they don’t read this, I will go ahead and share it with you all here. My post would’ve said this:

Pumpkin flavored eggnog is amazing. It’s like having a mouthful of awesomeness. Now I know how all the women who have ever gone down on me feel.


4 comments on “Keeping It In

  1. Scott says:

    You know you can block them from seeing it, right? That’s what I do when I want to post something I don’t want them seeing.

    • On this particular occasion, they weren’t the only ones that shouldn’t have seen it. Mom and Dad probably wouldn’t appreciate that joke. Our aunts, uncles and cousins (well, except for maybe our male cousins) would probably want to see that either. It just wasn’t worth going through with it.

  2. I think you did the sensible thing right there, Revis!

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