An Observation and a Question

My observation:

People seem more willing, and eager, to argue with each other over the stupidest things nowadays. I’ve been noticing this a lot recently. Let me give you an example.

Most of my time at work is spent in what we call the packing room. It’s where I pack the radios I ship (See the cleverness of the name?). The packing room is connected to the tech room (where the techs repair the radios. The cleverness continues) in a couple of different ways: One, there’s a conveyor belt that the techs put the radios on which runs out of a hole in the wall into the packing room. The second is a set of doors that is only supposed to be used by the maintenance guy when he’s doing work in the tech room. With the exception of the maintenance guy, nobody is supposed to use those doors to enter or leave the tech room. The doors are also supposed to stay closed at all times.

A month and a half ago, the A/C went out in the part of the tech room connected to the doors. So, in order to get the air flowing in there, and keeping it somewhat cool, the maintenance guy said to leave the door open until they could get it fixed. Well, apparently, it took them a month to get it fixed because they had people working on the roof and couldn’t get to the area they needed to. Once it was fixed, the maintenance guy told us to go back to keeping those doors closed.

One of the people who works for the radio manufacturer had used the month the doors were kept open to use that entrance instead of going through the air shower that you’re supposed to go through to get into the tech room. He apparently doesn’t care that going in the way he does could potentially harm the radios. This guy also didn’t care when we started closing the door back. Now, he opens it, goes in, does what he needs to do, and walks back out.

Personally, I don’t care that he does this. If he wants to do something that could potentially get him in trouble, that’s his business.

One of the techs, however, is extremely pissed off when he does this. He’s pissed off to the point that he started hanging signs on the door calling the guy out for his actions. You’re probably wondering why he doesn’t just go to our boss about it. The answer to that is simple: they won’t do anything about it. Our owner is so worried about upsetting the radio manufacturer that he won’t let us do anything that might offend them (like ratting on one of their employees).

The radio manufacturer’s man, after seeing the signs, has starting going out of his way to play music on the radios he’s working on that he knows the tech doesn’t like. He also plays it louder than he used to.

As if this argument wasn’t stupid enough already, the fact that the guy uses the door isn’t why the tech is pissed. This war of idiocy is going on because the guy doesn’t shut the door behind him when he leaves the tech room.

Seriously. That’s it.

All the guy has to do is shut the door when he’s done and this whole thing is avoided. I mean, really, how hard is it to shut a damn door? …….Dumbasses.

My question:

How do you call someone stupid without actually calling them stupid?

Every Thursday I have paperwork that needs to be turned into a woman that works for the radio manufacturer. Make sure you read that correctly. I said Thursday.

Today, which is Wednesday (or it was when I started writing this), the woman sent an email (which is shared by everyone who works in the warehouse) asking if I was there today because I hadn’t dropped off the paperwork…..

Now, I know everyone makes mistakes. All of us, at one point in time, has forgotten what day it is. That’s not what the problem was. The problem was that there was no way for me to respond to the email without looking like I was calling her an idiot.

I can’t actually call her one, even though I wanted to (not for this, but just because she is one). There was also no way to point out her mistake without implying that she is an idiot either. Especially in email, where tone and posture can’t be seen, any response I made could be construed as an insult.

So, I  did what I thought was best: ignored her. Not exactly the best solution, but the only one I could think of that didn’t involve me accidentally calling her stupid.

What would you have done in my position?

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11 comments on “An Observation and a Question

  1. El Guapo says:

    Why not just reply to her instead of replying all?
    As for the other two, easy to act like you’re the idiot and ask a simple question – “Hey, I was just wondering. Why don’t you close the door?”

    • Even if I did that, nobody from her company would see it, but everyone at mine would. It’s a shared email account. Pretty much everyone but the techs have access to that email account.

      At this point, I’m letting them handle it. If I have to put up with it too much longer, I might do something about it. Until then, I’m going to try and ignore the stupidity.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    I would have asked her if the due day changed.

    I probably would have ignored the door thing….

    • That may have worked. Maybe it’s just me, but I still think she probably would’ve thought I was insulting her with that. She is rather stupid….

      I’m trying to ignore the door thing. Hopefully they’ll work it out while I’m on my mini vacation.

  3. Twindaddy says:

    Idiots. Idiots everywhere.

  4. Sofia Leo says:

    I would start getting up and shutting the door. Loudly. With a nasty glare and probably some snarky words. But, hey, I don’t do subtle well, consequences be damned.

    I would write a flustered-sounding email to the lady who wanted the paperwork telling her I lost a day, could have sworn it was due tomorrow, did anyone see me at work on Wednesday? On and on until she realized she was an idiot without me having to say so.

    Assholes and idiots. The world is full of them!

  5. bardictale says:

    I’d close the door and reply that I was pretty sure it wasn’t due until tomorrow.

    The first because it can only get worse, and if all it is is the door, so why not?
    The second because otherwise I’d go up to her and tell her she’s an idiot. Which, I guess, is bad.

  6. With the first, the door situation, I’d sneakily install one of those spring things that go over the top of the door to ensure that it closes automatically.

    With the second (and I appreciate that this is way too late to be of use), I’d perhaps have replied to say something along the lines of that you’re working on it and she’ll have them by Thursday as normal, and thank her for checking up on you. Completely ignore the fact that she’s a day early in the request. Or maybe I’d go with asking if the deadline had altered without your being informed.

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