Versus: Episode 11

It is yet another late edition of Versus. At one point, I had hoped to do one of these every week. That has not happened in a very long time. Unfortunately, life has gotten in my way……stupid life….

I hope you’ve all missed it. I’m pretty sure you didn’t, but I’ll allow myself to be a little deluded on this one.

The first matchup for today comes from Faithhopechocolate, the ever awesome.


Granted, these are to characters that I’m not very familiar with. I haven’t seen anything with She-Ra in it since the 80’s. My memory isn’t very good, but I’m pretty sure I remember her powers. As for Wonder Woman, I haven’t read or seen any of her individual stuff, but I’ve read and seen some things with her in them.

Before I get to the matchup, I have a question that maybe one of you can answer. From what I’ve seen, Wonder Woman has the ability to fly. So…….if she can fly on her own, why the hell does she need the invisible jet????

Anyways, onto the matchup. The way I remember it, She-Ra has the exact same powers as he brother, He-Man. Basically, she uses her sword to turn herself from a normal girl into a super strong woman.

Wonder Woman is a Greek demigoddess, who can fly, is super strong as well, and has some strange equipment. First, there’s the jet that does no good. Plus, she has the bracelets that are bulletproof… which I would think is only useful if someone shoots at her wrists.

I’ve got to give this one to Wonder Woman, weird equipment and all. Even without her equipment, she still has incredible powers. She-Ra is pretty much nothing without her sword. Of course, I think that she’d win the fight even when She-Ra has her sword anyways.


Ok. The question here is: if you were about to get into a gunfight in the old west, which of these groups would you want backing you up? (By the way, I know that these movies are based on real people, but I’m going strictly for the movie versions.)

Billy the Kid is a great shot. Doc Scurlock is pretty good, too. The rest of them….not so much. Chavez is better with knives than guns. Charlie’s a boxer, not a shooter. Dick Brewer died too quickly to really get a good handle on how good he was, and Dirty Steve is….well, he’s Dirty Steve.

On the other hand, Wyatt Earp is a good shot. Doc Holliday is probably the best shooter out of everyone in either movie. Wyatt’s brothers are decent shots, as well.

So, overall, The OK Corral Crew has better shooters, but The Regulators had more people. Which one would be a better backup?

I’m going to have to go with The OK Corral Crew on this one. In a gunfight, I need to pick the guys who are better gunfighters. If it was just a normal fight, I’d probably go for the Regulators based on their versatility. However, because the question was about gun fighting, I’m going with Wyatt’s crew.

Besides, they have Doc Holliday, and he’s your huckleberry.

That’s it for this week, folks. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you have an idea for a matchup you’d like to see me do, feel free to let me know via the form below.


5 comments on “Versus: Episode 11

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    I agree with both choices. You wouldn’t search the accounting section if you needed to find a house painter.

    WW seems to be the better choice. I didn’t know she can fly now. Yeah, she should ditch the plane.

    FHC is awesome.

    • Everything I’ve seen her in she can fly. One of the guys I work with Googled it and apparently one of the writers of the comic made a joke about it, having her say that she still needs the plane because that’s where she keeps her invisible luggage.

  2. Twindaddy says:

    Hello, Bob! Goodbye, Bob. Best $1.80 I ever spent.

    One of the greatest movie lines ever.

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