What Do You Think?

In addition to the Versus matchups we come up with at work (I’ll get to my next one soon….I hope), we also come up with hypothetical situations and go back and forth on our opinions on them. Like Versus, these situations involve movies/books/TV shows/comic book things that just happen to catch our attention. For example, we discussed which movie character, from a movie not set in a science fiction/comic book world, would be best suited to wear a Green Lantern ring. I personally think it would be Rocky. For sheer willpower, never-gonna-quit attitude, nobody can match the Italian Stallion.

The question I posed to them today had to do with the TV show Heroes. In the show, everyone who has powers was born with them. One of the people with powers is known only as the Haitian. He has two abilities: he can nullify the powers of others, and he can erase people’s memories.

My question was this: If the Haitian were to be transported to another comic book universe, would his nullification power work on the super-powered people there?

In the Marvel universe, I’d have to say that it would work on some of them, at least. Since the Heroes characters are all born with their powers, that basically makes them mutants. That means that it’s a safe assumption that the Haitian would be able to nullify the powers of the X-Men, or any other mutant.

What about the people who weren’t born with their powers, however? What about Spiderman, Daredevil, or the Hulk, who came by their powers through accidents? What about Juggernaut, who gets his powers from an enchanted gem? Or Doctor Strange, who works magic? Would the Haitian be able to take their powers away, as well?

Would his powers work against people in the DC universe? Superman and Martian Manhunter get their powers through their alien DNA. Would he be able to take their powers away? Or Green Lantern’s ring? Or however the hell the Flash got his powers?

Personally, I think his nullification ability would only work against mutants, or humans born with powers. If they got their powers any other way, I say he can’t strip those powers away.

What about you? What do you think?

11 comments on “What Do You Think?

  1. Twindaddy says:

    Um….I have no freaking clue.

    • Fat lot of help you are…

      • Twindaddy says:

        I don’t know any of those stories…

        • Well, the first season of Heroes is really the only one worth watching. The second season started off bad, but started getting good. Then, the writer’s strike happened. So, instead of taking a break in production, they just abruptly ended the season…and it sucked.

          The third season was much like the second. It started off slow, but slowly got better towards the end. The fourth season just flat out sucked. I didn’t finish it.

  2. bardictale says:

    It depends on how his ability works; if it is a biological thing (i.e., pheromones or some other type of –ones), then it should work only on people that their powers can be blocked by something external: Superman (vision and hearing), Shazam (growth), Spiderman (wall-climbing) etc.
    However, if it’s a mystical thing (i.e., magic, hole-in-the-fabric-of-the-universe type explanation), then anyone is fair game because he nullifies the existence of said powers, regardless of where they came from. Kind of like the detention room from Sky-High,

    [Flash (Barry), got covered in goo while investigating something, then got hit by lightning. The other Flashes are: recreated experiment, inherited, inherited, and, um, went back in time and electrocuted himself. No, I don’t read the Flash.]

  3. djmatticus says:

    Wasn’t the flash born with his ability? Or, do I just think that because that’s how they presented it in the TV show Smallville?

    I think the Haitian would only be able to nullify the powers of those who were born with their powers. His innate ability cancels out their innate abilities. Superman, however, who derives his power from the sun wouldn’t be effected because the Haitian can’t control how the sun is charging Superman up. Though, perhaps the Haitian could still erase his memories, because that is a separate power altogether.

    • According to bardictale, the original Flash got them in an experiment. I’m going to assume that he knows more about it than I do, so I’ll take his word for it.

      That’s what I’m going with too. His mind wiping powers would work on anyone, while his nullification ability will only work on those who were born with their powers.

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