Watching What I Wear

I work in a warehouse, so my attire isn’t very important to them. As long a there is no cussing, or anything sexually explicit, on my shirts, I can wear anything that I want. That usually means that I’ll wear all of my oldest shirts to work because I’ll be less likely to care if they get messed up.

With the exception of my dress clothes, 90% of my wardrobe consists of sports shirts. The rest is band shirts, or dirty minded phrases and pictures. So, a lot of the time, I’ll be wearing a football shirt: either Ohio State or Carolina Panthers. At work, however, it’s always Ohio State.

The only reason for this is that almost all of my Ohio State shirts are older than my Panthers shirts. Since my Ohio State shirts are all kind of worn out, and my Panthers shirts aren’t, I’ll wear them. That means, on the weekends, I’ll wear the shirts that I don’t want to wear to work. So, I end up wearing Panthers stuph a lot on the weekends.

However, I’ve begun to realize that I can’t wear Panthers stuph on certain days on the weekend. Specifically, I can’t wear Panthers stuph on the days that Mrs. Revis and I go grocery shopping.

We almost always go to the same grocery store. There’s a guy that works at the grocery store who is special. Whenever he sees me walk in with my Panthers stuph on, no matter what he’s doing, he’ll walk up and talk to me about my shirt….. or my hat, or Cam Newton.

I’m nice to him and talk for a few moments, but then I walk away to start my shopping….. He follows me and keeps talking.

Now, if it was just me, I wouldn’t mind. I’d let him talk all shopping trip long and pretend to pay attention. But, I’m with my family. I don’t get a lot of time with them and, no offense to this guy, I don’t want to spend it talking to him.

We don’t want to change stores just to avoid this guy, so now we have a new weekend routine. Before I get dressed, I ask if we’re going to the store. If the answer is ‘no’, I’ll put on some of my Panthers stuph. If the answer is ‘yes’, I put on anything that doesn’t say Panthers on it.

21 comments on “Watching What I Wear

  1. Now that’s funneh!

  2. Paul says:

    Cute. I kind of have a soft spot for people like the one following you around. It can be annoying but generally I feel sad for them – they desperately need human interaction and who am I to say no? But you’re right, if you can’t dedicate face time, they can be upsetting.

  3. BrainRants says:

    Try this: Raiders hat, USC Trojans sweater, and something Army Football…

  4. Twindaddy says:

    Oy. This is why I don’t like going out in public. I mean, it’s cool when random people shout “Go Blue!” at me when I’m wearing my Michigan apparel, I guess, but at the same time it kinda freaks me out. I’m like, why are they yelling at me?

  5. You may be a highlight in this guy’s life…

  6. benzeknees says:

    This person doesn’t want to talk to you if you’re not wearing your Panthers shirt? Maybe he just likes your looks or thinks you’re kind?

  7. I think that’s a sensible choice. I guess social skills aren’t this bloke’s strong point, so it makes sense to not upset him if you’ve not got the time to spare.

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