Dead Set Part 30

This is it, folks. This is the last part that I have finished. There was part of the next chapter that was written down in a notebook somewhere, but now I can’t find it. As for when I’ll continue the story, I honestly don’t know. I’ve got so many other things going on right now that I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it.

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater


Rally was surprised when the director had ordered her to take DS out. She never liked him anyways, so she didn’t mind. He had always been too soft in her eyes. True, he was very good at what he did, but he let his feelings for the Seer and their daughter dictate his actions too much. Now he has to give his life to save them, she thought, smiling.

She sent Brace and Silver to take the front. Keeping Charr with her, she followed the signal being sent to her PDA. When they got to the window, she held up three fingers with one hand, while pulling out a grenade with the other. Three seconds later, Charr smashed the glass with the butt end of his rifle. Rally tossed in the grenade right after. They backed away from the window and the grenade went off. The rest of the window shattered from the concussion. Charr went back to the window to glance inside. A gunshot rang out.

Charr fell backwards, a bullet in his shoulder. He seemed more angry than hurt. Rally caught his eye and she gave him direction. Mimicking pulling a pin out of a grenade, she pointed at the window. Once more, three seconds later two grenades flew towards the window. Unfortunately for Rally, the window was suddenly covered by a mattress, sending the grenades rolling back at her. Turning, she dove just as they went off.




Brace ran into the open door as Rally’s grenade went off. He stood in a sparsely furnished living room. What he didn’t see was what worried him the most. DS was nowhere in sight. Leading with his gun, he walked to the other side of the couch, the most obvious hiding place. There was nothing there. Suddenly, he felt very strange. It felt like he was falling. “Oh shit,” he managed to say before he turned into a cloud of red mist.

Silver, who had been hiding on the other side of the doorway, saw the mist and knew what happened. “Brace is gone,” she said into her headset. Another explosion came from the other side of the house. No reply came from Rally. She was on her own. “Come on out, DS,” she purred seductively. “Give us your mark and we will leave now.”

“You’ve got no idea how much I wanna do that, but I can’t,” he called back.

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“A few things. One: Samantha told me not to. Two: I don’t know where he is. And three: I hate you fuckers.”

“At least they’re good reasons,” she replied sarcastically.

Silver reached her hand around the corner. With her powers, now that part of her body was in it, she could see everything that had transpired in the room for the past few days. She knew exactly where DS was and she knew exactly what she was going to do about it. Peering around the edge of the doorway, she aimed her gun at the partially closed closet door that was right next to the hallway.




Christian opened his eyes. Once again, he found himself standing in the Meeting Room with the other eternals. “I told you that if I ever saw you again, I would kill you,” he growled. “You’re all fuckin dead!”

“They brought you here at my bidding,” a familiar voice spoke calmly. Even though the voice was calm, it cut through him, making Christian shake. “The others have told me of your actions. What have you to say for yourself, Life?”

Turning, Christian looked at the Creator. Dropping to his knees, he bowed his head. “Creator, if they told you what I’ve done, they told you why I did it.”

“They did.”

“Then give it to me. There’s many back home that can replace me.”

“That is true. I could replace you with another. I will not, however.”

Rage contorted Christian’s features. “Why not?”

“You dare question me,” the Creator boomed, venting anger of his own. “Your actions unmade the world I created! Your actions have offset the balance! For these infractions, I should unleash my wrath upon you!”

Calming down, the Creator continued. “I have a different punishment in store for you. You shall forever be a part of this world. You shall never leave, not even to come to the Meeting Room. I have also put my blessing upon you. No one, not even a fellow eternal, can kill you now. Nor can you kill them, no matter how much you would like to,” he said, glancing at Death.

Overcome with anger, Christian lunged at the Creator. In his mind, there was no worse punishment than the one he would be forced to endure. He froze in midair, then was thrown backwards. “Yes, Life, you are correct, I can still kill you. I would never do that. Now, be gone from my sight. Go back to your world.”




Silver pulled the trigger. A three round burst shot from her rifle. Suddenly, a flash of light forced her to turn her head. When she looked again, a man stood between her and the door. The man looked down at the three new holes in his shirt. Then, he looked at her. “You shot me,” he asked. When she was too confused to respond, he asked again. “You shot me?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m the man who’s gonna end your life, bitch.”



6 comments on “Dead Set Part 30

  1. You are a tease… and an awesome writer

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Well then. It has been a wild ride. Thank you for sharing the story, dear Revis.

  3. djmatticus says:

    Eventually isn’t good enough. Stop all your other projects and write more for this one! The kingdom can wait to be saved. The Versus’s segments will keep. The Sceptre of Chaos isn’t going anywhere – it is chaotic, though, so, maybe it will…

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