Versus: Episode 7

I’d like to welcome everyone to the latest episode of Versus. Last time, I asked you all for suggestions for somebody that Cloud or Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy VII) could go up against. A couple of you had the same idea. You said that Cloud should fight Link (from the Zelda games). Normally, I’m a believer in “giving the people what they want”. This time, however, I won’t be doing it.

When I do these matchups, I try to make them as equal as possible. While both Cloud and Link both come from worlds of sword and sorcery, Cloud’s world also has modern technology. There are cars, helicopters, guns, missiles, and cell phones. If Link somehow ended up in Midgar, he’d probably be overwhelmed by everything going on around him.

Not only that, but I don’t think this would even be a contest. I think Cloud would wipe the floor with him. No offense to Link, but Cloud is way more badass than he is.

So, that left me with still needing to come up with an opponent for Cloud. Then, it came to me as I was watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Specifically, it was the final battle between Cloud and Sephiroth that gave me the inspiration. There’s another character out there that fights just like that….


For the purposes of this encounter, I’m only including the Cloud from the original Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, and Crisis Core (which is a PSP exclusive prequel to Final Fantasy VII). I will not take anything from either Kingdom Hearts (because I haven’t played any of them. I know. I’m slacking), or Dissidia (a PSP fighting game that uses characters from all of the Final Fantasy games).

Now, not only could Cloud kick ass with his Buster Sword, he could also use Materia (which, for those of you who have never played Final Fantasy VII, are crystals that let you use magic). With Materia, he’s able to call forth fireballs to burn his enemies, bolts of lightning to shock the hell out of them, or even earthquakes devastate his opponents. He also used it to perform Summons. The Summons are used to call forth enormous creatures to perform powerful attacks against the people, or creatures, that he’s fighting.

Neo can do anything that Cloud can do (except for the Summons). The only difference is that he doesn’t need to have Materia to do it. Of course, he has to be in The Matrix to do them. In fact, inside The Matrix, Neo is pretty much God. He can do anything he wants to do and there’s almost nothing anyone can do to stop him.

Could he do the same things in Midgar?

….Of course. Midgar is a world inside of a video game. Video games are computer worlds. While I think Cloud would put up a fight, I still think Neo wins this one. Like I said, in computer worlds, Neo is pretty much all-powerful.

Now, since we’ve done the heroes, let’s see who would win between the villains…


While they may never admit this, I’m pretty sure the Wachowski brothers based Agent Smith on Sephiroth. He’s a bad guy who gets killed by the hero, but then comes back more badass than ever. He can also now inhabit bodies other than his own. The only difference is that Agent Smith could do it to anyone and Sephiroth could only do it to those who have the Jenova gene.

Some of you may think that gives Agent Smith the edge, but it really doesn’t. After all, Sephiroth was powerful enough to call down Meteor, a Materia powerful enough to destroy the world. He himself would’ve survived and used the dead planet as a vehicle to go to other worlds and conquer them.

So, even if Agent Smith turned everyone in Midgar into other Agent Smiths, Sephiroth would still be able to destroy them all with Meteor. Sephiroth wins.

I guess I could do a winner vs. winner matchup, but what’s the point? If Neo can beat Cloud, and Cloud can beat Sephiroth, then it stands that Neo could beat Sephiroth. Anyways, that’s our show for this week. Don’t forget to voice your opinion in the comment section. Also, if you have any ideas for matchups that you’d like to see me do, fill out the form below. Hope you enjoyed this episode. See you next time!


10 comments on “Versus: Episode 7

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Neo is the Alpha and the Omega.

  2. Twindaddy says:

    I suppose I should learn about some Final Fantasy stuph…

  3. djmatticus says:

    But… Agent Smith beat Neo… It was inevitable. So, if Sepiroth can beat Agent Smith, than he can also take down Neo. Right?

    • Neo let Smith win. It was the quickest, easiest way to beat him, so he sacrificed himself to save everyone else. After all, in Reloaded, he showed that he could resist Smith taking him over, so the only way that’d work is if he let it happen.

      • djmatticus says:

        He fought one Smith. Not all of them. I’m not sure he could have withstood all of them…
        I think, in the end, the result was inevitable. Smith was going to win. Neo just took the path of least resistance.

        • Hmm. Missed this comment the first time.

          Anyways, of course he took the path of least resistance. If he took the time to battle Agent Smith, all of his friends, and the rest of humanity for that matter, may have died. He needed to end it as fast as possible to save as many lives as he could.

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