Partners In Crime

It’s amazing watching children interact with each other sometimes.

As I’m writing this, I’m watching Baby E and Baby C run around my living room. Those two are close. It’s pretty easy to see why. One, they’re cousins. And two, they’re both watched by my mother during the week. So, they spend a lot of time together.

Here’s a few examples of the things they do together. Now, some of these I haven’t witnessed myself, so I’m passing along stories that Mom told me.

  • I’ll drop Baby E off at Mom’s house right before I leave for work. Every morning when I walk in, the first thing I hear is Baby C screaming, “Look, Grandma! It’s a Baby E!”
  • They’ll “get” each other. That means that one of them will run after the other one, all the while both of them are giggling hysterically. This usually ends up with neither of them getting “got”.
  • Baby C says and does things that Baby E finds hilarious. Today, he was saying “Boo” to try and scare me. After I pretended to be afraid, she started laughing. Seeing that she found it funny, he started doing it continuously. Every time he said “Boo”, she’d start laughing, no longer needing me to pretend to be scared. After a few minutes, this bored them. Instead, he pretended to sneeze. She laughed at that, too.
  • Baby E is not very comfortable around new people. At Christmas, at my dad’s house, there were a lot of new people there (ok, they’re not new, but we’re not around my stepfamily a lot, so they’re new to her). She was cranky the entire time we were there….except for when she was playing with Baby C or his toys.
  • Usually, Mom will only have Baby C and Baby E. Every once in a while, however, she’ll get Baby D and Baby F too. After one such time, she told me this story: Baby E and Baby F were playing with the same toy. They were playing with each other nicely until Baby C walked over. He pushed Baby F (not very hard, thankfully) and said, “My Baby E!”

At the rate they’re going, they’ll be robbing banks by the time she turns 5. If nothing else, it should be fun to watch at least.


21 comments on “Partners In Crime

  1. Are you sure you were only pretending to be scared?

  2. El Guapo says:

    Can’t wait for the blog post about how the kids are known as one long name by the school administrators!
    (And I hope you encourage them in their creative mischief.)

  3. The Cutter says:

    My daughter is also very close with her cousins. I tell her to be thankful for them, because they may be the closest things to sibling she’ll ever get.

  4. awwww…. and awwwwww….

  5. Elyse says:

    Not necessarily robbing banks (that’ll come later) but I hope you keep us posted on what they DO do. The age difference is the same as between my brother Fred and I. Fred led me to do any thing that make wonderful stories. Stories I can only tell now that our parents are gone. They are rolling in their graves, but I’m sure it’s with laughter!

  6. My two youngest are 17 months apart and they are also partners in crime. Youngest is almost 17 months old now, so they’re really entering the mischievous phase. I can’t wait?

  7. djmatticus says:

    Cute! It must be nice to have family so close by. I’m sad for the Little Prince to not have any cousins or anything like that nearby (or, at all, really). He’s the first of my generation’s kids… So, perhaps the cousins will come in time.

  8. bardictale says:

    I’m sure they’ll come up with something much more…exciting, than robbing a bank.

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