Dead Set Part 28

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking. It’s been over a month since I posted the previous chapter. Since that time, you might have forgotten what was happening in the story. So, I will link Part 26 and Part 27 (along with the rest of them, just in case you haven’t read any of it yet). I will also give you a countdown to the end. Not the end of the story, just the end of the parts that I have written. After this one, only 29 and 30 are done. I’m still not sure if I’m going to finish the story or not. It’s been so long since I’ve written in this storyline that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get back into it. Anyways, here’s Part 28.

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

DS and Father Michaels exchanged confused looks. They were still in Christian’s house, but both felt as if they had just arrived. Because of his confusion, it took DS a few moments to remember why Father Michaels was there. When the realization hit him, he moved threateningly towards the priest.

“Peace, DS,” Father Michaels cried. “I mean you no harm.”

“Bullshit!. You came here to kill me.”

“If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve done it when Gabriel had you distracted.”

“What did I ever do to you, priest? Why did you want to kill me?”

“I was manipulated by that being that was helping Gabriel.”

“Death,” DS laughed. “Why would Death get a priest to do something he could easily do himself?”

“I don’t know,” he honestly replied.

“I’m sorry, Father, but I can’t let you live. You now know classified government information. As much as I hate having to kill a priest, I have no choice. It’s my job.”

“I understand. Maybe this is the punishment I’m to receive for my sins.”

DS began to unleash his powers upon the priest, but was interrupted by another blinding light. This was happening far too often for the assassin’s liking. Fighting the blindness, he tried to open his eyes. They didn’t want to follow his instructions. Suddenly, the light vanished and DS’s eyes would open again.

“You shall not harm this man,” a melodic voice spoke.

“Let me guess, you’re another eternal,” DS sarcastically replied.

“Correct. My name is Light.”

“Great. Will I ever get away from you freaks, or will you just keep fuckin with me?”

“When we are through with this discussion, you shall never hear from any of us again, unless you cross paths with Life once more.”

“Somehow, I doubt it.”

Light ignored the assassin’s last comment and turned to Father Michaels. “I have a mission for you,” he told the awestruck priest.

“The last time I was given a mission, I ended up a murderer. No thank you.”

“Do not fault yourself, priest. There are not many who can withstand the awesome power of Death. Those that can are not mortal. You should feel proud that you were strong enough to reject him in the end.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that I have killed and the guilt of it will bury me.”

“What if I told you that you can redeem yourself with what I offer you? Would you be interested?”

“Of course, but…”

With another flash, Light was gone. DS looked around and saw that he took the priest with him. The assassin began to question everything. Why wasn’t anything simple anymore? It seemed as if nothing would ever make sense to the man again. Sighing, he turned to leave. He had to contact the Division. They’d never believe this. I just hope they don’t think I’ve snapped, he thought.

From nowhere, something crashed into him. Seeing that it was a person, DS quickly got into his fighting stance. He put his guard down when he realized who it was. It was Christian and he wasn’t moving. Finding the eternal’s pulse, he thought about what could possibly do this to the indestructible man. Another complication, DS thought, shaking his head. At least this is one he could pass along. Picking up the phone, he called Samantha.


“Samantha, it’s me”

“I told you I didn’t want to hear from you for a while.”

“Look, this is about your dad. Something’s wrong with him.”

Suddenly concerned, she asked, “What is it?”

“I don’t know. He just appeared out of nowhere and he’s out cold. What do you want me to do?”

“Stay there. I’ll be over as soon as I can.”


Flashing badges, they walked past the police tape. The place was a mess. It was obvious that the body had not been disturbed. Rally looked at the corpse with a smirk. Leaning down, she whispered into the dead man’s ear. “You should’ve watched who you dealt with, Mountain.” Getting up, she beckoned for the detective working the case. “What happened here, Detective…”

“Peppers. Jason Peppers.”

“What can you tell us, Detective Peppers?”

“It was discovered by the landlord, who came by to collect some late rent. This guy has all kinds of wounds on him: bruises, cuts, gunshot wounds. Someone didn’t like him. We’re thinking it was the guy who lived here., but nobody’s seen him in at least a week, maybe longer.”

“Find anything in the apartment?”

“A shitload of weapons. Looks like this guy was preparing for a war.”

“This investigation is now ours, Detective Peppers. I would like all of your people out of here. This man will accompany you back to your station to retrieve all of the files you have on this case.”

“You can have it,” Peppers said as he turned to instruct his people to leave.

When they were gone, Silver approached her. “What do you think,” Rally asked her.

“It wasn’t DS. There’d be nothing left to find if it was. Whoever it was took a beating before finishing Mountain off. Look at this place. He didn’t go down without a fight.”

“Was DS here when it happened?”

“At first. He did not witness the killing blow, though. Where do you want to start?”

“He got a locater?”

“No, he was in before they started that.”

“Ok. He’s got a weakness for his kid. We get the kid, he’ll tell us everything we want to know. If he doesn’t…. well it wouldn’t be the first time I killed a kid.”


11 comments on “Dead Set Part 28

  1. The Hook says:

    Slacking hasn’t dulled your creative edge, buddy!

  2. Awesome… and with my memory, each new chapter is like starting over again… sigh…

  3. BrainRants says:

    Sweet. I always bring multiple forms of weapons to fights. Because win.

  4. djmatticus says:

    I don’t think you have a choice in the matter. You’ll have to finish it eventually, or we will hound you until you do. Either way, you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you are going to finish it.

    • The problem is not figuring out how the story will end. I’ve known from the beginning how I was going to end it. The problem is figuring out how to get from where I am now to the end. I’d have to finish this story arc and then find a way to bridge that into the beginning of the end.

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    I’m still hooked, dear.

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