Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 13

Another installment of the quest to save the Kingdom. Be sure to check it out. While you’re there, show Matticus some love.

The Matticus Kingdom

The horde of vampires, hearing Jaded’s voice halted their pursuit at the broken door.  Revis and Matticus were caught between them at one end of the hall and Jaded at the other.  The early morning sun set them to sparkling and, despite their brooding nature, they managed to smile at the thought of capturing the Jester.

Revis considered going invisible, but he knew the vampires were gathered too thickly to sneak past them back the way they had come, and he sensed that Jaded might be able to see through his trickery if he tried to slink past her and head deaper into the compound.  Besides, he was too far from Matticus to grab him and turn him invisible as well.

Then again, he knew they wanted Matticus alive, so if he could sneak out, perhaps he’d be able to rescue the Jester later.  He wasn’t sure that was a…

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