Song Stories: Tonight

A long time ago, back when I worked with Newb, we were allowed to bring in our own music and listen to it as we worked (which was awesome. I wish I was allowed to do that now). Most people brought in whatever they wanted and it was no big deal. My work station, however, was near Old Lady Security Guard.

For those of you who never read that particular post, Old Lady Security Guard is a very religious woman who once tried to get me in trouble with my bosses by telling them I was a devil worshipper because I listen to bands like Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Needless to say, she was not my favorite person.

Anyways, I had loaded a bit of my music onto the computer there so I could listen to whatever I wanted. After the aforementioned run-in with OLSG, I tried to find all of the songs on there that had cussing in them so I could delete them. I missed one….

I’m not sure how I missed that one, but I did.

That song played as I was in the middle of something, so I forgot that I was supposed to turn it off and delete it. Sure enough, before the song was over, OLSG had brought my boss over there and was complaining. It wasn’t until that point that I was even aware of what song was playing because I was concentrating on my work project. I hit the next button and deleted the song really quick. I apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again (which it didn’t).

That wasn’t good enough for OLSG. She went on a rant for a few minutes about how all I listened to was offensive music and that I shouldn’t be allowed to listen to anything at all. By the time she was finished her inane babbling, a new song came on. It was the song Tonight. Eager to get in one last parting shot, OLSG pouted, “This song is offensive too.”

At that statement, I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing.

Both OLSG and my boss were confused. “What’s so funny,” she demanded.

Ignoring her, I turned to my boss and told him, “Just listen to the lyrics yourself and see if you think it’s offensive.”

You see, it wasn’t the Seether song Tonight. It was the Kutless song Tonight. For those of you who don’t know who Kutless is, they’re a Christian rock band. My boss started listening right towards the end of the first chorus, so he heard all of the second verse.

Even he had a tough time not laughing after hearing that. OLSG’s face went white. He promised to take care of it and she walked away. After she was out of earshot, he told me, “That was awesome. It was so cool seeing her knocked down a peg.”

He stood there BSing with me for a few minutes as I went through the rest of my music looking for songs with “bad” words in them (What OLSG didn’t know is that I worked with my boss’ wife for years at Hellmart and she loved me. He liked me too, so he gave me a lot more slack than any of the other temps got). I found a couple more that I had missed and deleted them. After that was done, he stayed down there for another 10 minutes while we talked about the Reds (He’s a baseball fan), his kids, and the coming of Baby E (This was just after we found out that Mrs. Revis was pregnant). The whole time OLSG was shooting us death glares.

My boss was definitely right. It was very cool seeing OLSG knocked down a peg.


9 comments on “Song Stories: Tonight

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Haha. Good for putting OLSG in her place. Both songs rock, BTW.

  2. BrainRants says:

    For what it’s worth, OLSG would quickly ID my horns, cloven hooves and spiked tail as well. And not just because I’m a Raiders fan.

  3. Twindaddy says:

    I can’t stand idiots like this.

  4. I love Kutless. And Switch foot. Probably because they don’t sound how people think Christian bands should sound. Well done on taking down the annoying old bat.

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