My Weekly Soundtrack 11/19

It’s time for everyone’s favorite segment! No, it’s not Blunt Life Coach….It’s not one of Jaded’s posts either…

Hmmm…well, since you have to settle for one of my posts, I shall try to entertain you with some of my music.

Up first is a song from the first half of my namesake, Revis. Here’s their song, Reuse.

Next, we’ll listen to a song by the other part of my namesake, Edgewater. Now, it’s time for Circles.

Third is Burden of a Thought, by Epidemic.

The fourth song of the night is Show Me a Sign, by Breaking Point.

Our fifth song is Happens All the Time by Cold.

In the sixth spot tonight is Earshot with Wait.

Finally, we have Tool with their song, Schism. HEHEHE….I said ‘ism’.

That’s all for now, my friends. Sorry it’s not as interesting as what the other authors put up here. At least this gives you something to do in between their posts.


16 comments on “My Weekly Soundtrack 11/19

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    This is my favorite feature. Never made it a secret.

  2. Pocahontas says:

    Ahhh, Tool. A Perfect Circle. Puscifer. Gotta love it! : )

  3. djmatticus says:

    Self deprecating humor, and good music? Yep, I’m in love. 😉

  4. BrainRants says:

    I like how I discover new music here in your posts. Thanks Revis!

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