Dead Set Part 25


“Why am I here,” Christian demanded of the other eternals.

“You have been brought here to discuss your actions since Samantha died,” Light explained. “You have disrupted the balance.”

“Give it up, man. I did. That’s why my actions have nothing to do with your precious balance anymore.”

“With your reckless tendency to murder those who do not deserve death, you have shifted the power to darkness. Even though you have forsaken your responsibilities, as an eternal, your actions will always affect the balance of the world.”

“Don’t start with me. I’m tired of this already. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some business to finish with Death.”

“Do not drag me into this, Life,” Death said. “This is about you.”

“Quiet, fool,” Gray warned Death. “You are also to blame for this catastrophe. As his counterpart, it is your responsibility to keep him in line. Instead, you have gone out of your way to goad him.”

“I do not know what you are referring to.”

“You cannot lie to me, Death. You have used Life’s family for centuries. You are the reason Gabriel was not sent to eternal rest. You kept him here. Do not worry, though. That has been rectified.”

“That was you,” Christian yelled at Death. “You said it was my fault. You’re dead!”

“Do not try to rise from your chair,” Light warned. “We have made sure you cannot escape from it.”

Sure enough, no matter how hard he tried, Christian couldn’t get free of the chair. It was like his body was glued there. He slumped back, defeated. “If I’m causing so much trouble,” he begged, “then give me what I want. Let me die. That’s all I ask of you. End this existence and set me free.”

“You know that is not possible,” Shadow exclaimed. “You were created to live forever, and that is what you shall do!”

Rage began building up inside Christian. He was angry at Death, angry at the other eternals, and just angry at everything else, as well. Normally, he tried to keep his rage in check. This time, however, he just let it go. Through rage, and sheer force of will, Christian harnessed all of his energy to thrust himself out of the chair. The other eternals looked at him in shock. Using that as a distraction, he lunged at the closest one: Shadow.

Christian landed two blows on Shadow’s unprotected face. Shadow staggered backwards. Light stepped forward, but found Death blocking his way. The radiant eternal looked over at Gray, but Gray simply shook his head. Gray was neutrality. He didn’t take sides in any conflict. Light and Shadow were on their own.

Shadow was quickly overmatched. In this lighted room, his powers were negated. Christian landed strike after strike against the struggling eternal. Soon, Shadow was out of it, and Christian turned his attention to Death. Death was already engaged in combat with Light, however. Christian decided to let them weaken each other before he stepped in.
Light drew out a sword and swung it wildly at Death. The swing was easily dodged, but it was only made to back the other eternal up. Swung again, this time it was met with one of the chairs that Death had picked up for a weapon. Death pushed the sword back, smacking Light in the face in the process. He charged at his fallen opponent, but Light caught him with a kick to the stomach. It wasn’t much, but it bought Light enough time to stand back up.

Christian watched as the two men traded blows, neither gaining a clear advantage. Then it occurred to him that he didn’t really care who won, so he decided to end their contest. Taking a running start, he launched himself at the sparring pair. They each turned in time to see his foot connect with their nose. All three fell to the ground, but Christian was the only one to rise. That left only Gray standing.

“Tell me how I can die,” Christian ordered as he stalked in closer.

“I will not. It would violate the laws set forth by the Creator.”

“I don’t give a shit. You’ll tell me, or I’ll beat the living hell out of you.”

“Do what you wish, Life. I shall never tell.”

“So be it.”

Christian rushed forward and planted his elbow into Gray’s temple. Gray, who had never been in a fight before, crumbled under the powerful strike. Laughing, and shaking his head, Christian wondered how he was going to get out of here before they all awoke. His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of movement. Shadow had awakened.
He was trying to get to one of the shadows made by the chairs, for he could escape that way. Shadow reached his destination just as Christian reached him. Thinking he could escape before Life could touch him, he teleported. He thought wrong, though, and took Christian with him.


The earth, and all things on it, vanished. Everything that once was, became nothing. All that remained was a dark, endless void. Life was gone.

7 comments on “Dead Set Part 25

  1. This is now a movie inside my head…

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Please tell me that even though this reads like the end, that this is not the end.

    • I actually have 4 more parts finished, plus part 30 about halfway done. It’s actually in the middle of a story arc that I never finished. I’m debating on whether or not to pick up where I left off. With so many other things that I’m writing, plus all the time I’ve taken off from writing it, I’m not sure I’d be able to get back into it.

  3. The Hook says:

    I know why you’re here, Revis: to entertain the masses.
    Well done.

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