Behind In My Reading

I’m sure that some of you may have noticed that I haven’t hit the ‘Like’ button on many posts recently. It’s not because I haven’t liked anything that I’ve read from all of you wonderful writers out there. It’s because I haven’t been reading much lately. Well, not much blog reading anyways. Of course, I really haven’t been writing much in the past month either, but I’ve been getting better at that.

Basically, there were a couple of reasons for this decline in blogging activity. As far as my writing goes, I did a lot of it at work. A couple of people quit or got fired, so they pulled from my department to fill in the gap. So now there’s only me and my lead trying to do the work of 4 people by ourselves. That doesn’t leave me much, if any, time to write. Supposedly, they’re going to start having others do some of our workload soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

As far as my reading goes, any free time I have had to get on WordPress has been used for doing my writing, since I now can’t do it at work. I have read a post here and there, but, for the most part, my time on the blogs has been spent writing.

Plus, I haven’t had much free time at home in the past month either. It was around a month ago that Mrs. Revis quit her job in preparation for what started last week: she started back in school. She took the time off in order to spend more time with me and Baby E before she started. I, of course, was all for spending as much time with my girls as I could before her classes began. This, of course, meant that I didn’t have as much time to get online. While I’d like to get on here more, I’m not going to trade my family time to get it.

Now that Mrs. Revis has started her classes, I’ve found that I will have at least a little bit more free time to hop on here. There are a few days that she has early classes. That means that I’ll have to get up early too, in case Baby E wakes up. That means I’ll have some time to catch up on some of my blog reading, provided the princess will allow it, before I have to go to work.

I’m going to try to get to all of the posts I’ve missed over the past month. If I don’t get to yours, it’s all because of Obamacare. (Why not? It’s getting blamed for everything else.)


26 comments on “Behind In My Reading

  1. El Guapo says:

    Wait – I thought we’d moved on to blaming the GOP for everything?

    Congrats, Mrs. Revis! Hope you find the education worthwhile. I went back to school briefly a few times, and always enjoyed it more than my first time around.

  2. BrainRants says:

    I blame the government shutdown. So there’s your excuse.

  3. Behind in my reading… I would also have accepted ‘reading in my behind’… ha!

  4. shreyapunj says:

    You’ve read mine and liked them too!
    I hope you do get more time to write because that is what I eagerly wait for!

  5. djmatticus says:

    *fist shaking* Obamacare!!! How dare you keep Revis from reading 33 grams of awesomesauce in the blogosphere! 😉

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I love how honest you are – about doing your writing at work!! 🙂

    I don’t think you should stress to visit all the posts you have missed over the last month. It can become “too much” or a stress (well, I reckon). Just go from today, I reckon.

    Cheers, & really do love your honesty.

  7. Elyse says:

    There’s a lot of that going around. I’ve been very busy at work and AWOL in the ‘sphere, too. Stop by when you can. I don’t take attendance.

  8. Linda Roy says:

    WTH? What’s the deal with your boss making you work during work instead of blogging? That ain’t right. 😉 I know what you mean…I’ve been so behind in my reading too and I’m trying to catch up. I really enjoy it. Not enough hours in the day!

  9. Im in the same boat .. Although, I have been reading more lately than writing. Time has been my problem factor too … and stress of a pending murder trial that I have to sit through to honor my brothers life and know that some form of justice will take place for the person who killed him. Needless to say, my stress has been high and my time taken up. I feel you .. I completely understand. And it is OK! Life happens in phases. Nothing stays the same forever. Things change. XOXO

  10. likeitiz says:

    Good to spend time with what’s really important, right? Glad to see you’re back, though. As for the government, don’t get me started. My Canadian friends have been sending me “and I thought ______ had the monopoly on stupid politicians” kinds of comments…..

  11. bardictale says:

    Congrats to the Mrs.Revis on the return to school^^
    And you may as well blame the head guy for everything. After all, that is the first rule of leadership.

  12. I’m hideously behind in my reading. I think I’m going to give up on trying to catch up and just start fresh…

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