Guest Post: Revis Tells a True Love Story

I stopped by the land of dinosaurs….I mean the land of Rarasaur and told her a love story. Be sure to check it out and send some Rawr-love her way.


Please welcome the fabulous Revis Edgewater as my guest blogger!  He’s a regularly contributor to StuphBlog, and he maintains his own place of writing where zombies are slayed, chaos is created, and dragons are fought.  It’s pretty awesome. 

Revis is also my virtual coffee breakroom buddy, and has patiently listened to more than one rawr over whatever silly thoughts my mind tangled up that day.  (Socially, I’m that person who leans against the water cooler and talks for an hour– and Revis is the guy who acts like that’s the reason the water cooler is there.)

See? Don’t you feel the rawr love for him already? Be sure to visit his site and boomerang some of that love right back his way!


“Turn and face me.”

He didn’t want to do it. If he turned and faced the priest, he would have to look away from the…

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2 comments on “Guest Post: Revis Tells a True Love Story

  1. rarasaur says:

    Rawr! 😀 Thanks for the awesome post, Revis!!

Revis "......."

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