Rise and Fall

No. This is not a post about The Offspring (They have a CD called Rise and Fall; Rage and Grace, for those of you who don’t know). This is a post about the comic book Negation. I’m sure that most of you out there will have no idea what Negation was. To me, it’s the answer to the question, “Which comic book do you miss the most?”

Negation ran for 27 issues (between 2002-2004) and was published by CrossGen Comics. CrossGen actually had a few good titles, but Negation was, by far, my favorite.


The story of Negation was a mash-up of an alien abduction story, Star Wars, and Prison Break. It starts when a group of strangers wake up in a prison with no knowledge of how they got there. They later find out that they were abducted and brought to this part of the universe, known as Negation. Charon, the god-like ruler of Negation, had kidnapped them and, while they’re in prison, pits them against each other in fights to test their abilities. He plans to use this knowledge when he launches an attack against the other parts of the universe.

The main character is a man named Obregon Kaine. He is an old soldier who uses his experience to survive these fights. During the fights, he finds out that some of the beings from other parts of the universe have special powers. He convinces these super-powered beings to follow him to break out of the prison. Some of them were reluctant to follow a normal man, but finally agreed when the learned that they needed his battle experience to help them. Kaine leads a small group of prisoners to escape. The rest of the series was about the prisoners roaming around Negation space, trying to avoid Charon’s minions, while also plotting to take him down.

Right before the series ended, they started a mini-series called Negation War that was going to connect all of the CrossGen titles. The characters that had special powers were called Sigil Bearers. Every CrossGen title had at least one of them. What you would come to learn is that while Charon ruled Negation, there were beings that held sway in the other universe, now called the Sigilverse. These beings bestowed the Sigils upon certain people that gave them the special powers. The sigils took the form of a mark (which was the CrossGen logo) somewhere on the person’s body. The beings gave the Sigils to the people to help them ward off the coming invasion of Charon and his Negation army.


Unfortunately, Negation, and Negation War (along with every other CrossGen title), was cancelled when CrossGen went bankrupt. CrossGen tried to expand itself too much, too fast. They kept adding new series when they should’ve kept trying to build their fan base first. They produced more of their books than they knew they could sell. Word got out that retailers were returning these unsold books for a refund. This scared readers into thinking CrossGen would soon be going out of business, so they stopped buying CrossGen books….which led to CrossGen going out of business.

That irritated the hell out of me. I loved that book. It was one of my favorites.

What about you? Is there a comic that you loved that got cancelled before its time?


3 comments on “Rise and Fall

  1. djmatticus says:

    Not a comic book… but raise of hands how many people thought Firefly shouldn’t have been cancelled after only 1 season?
    I’m not familiar with Negation so will have to check that out at some point. I’m surprised they didn’t try to sell off some of their popular stories to the larger publishers. Or, did they and there were no takers?

    • Disney, from what I’ve read, bought the rights to all of their books. According to Wikipedia, Marvel, who Disney also owns, published a mini-series of a couple of old CrossGen titles a couple of years ago, but Negation wasn’t one of them.

      And, yes, Fox totally screwed Firefly. I watched the first episode as it aired, but since they kept switching the time and day that they would air it, I was never able to see any of the other episodes of it until I bought the series on DVD.

  2. […] as I’m about to post a link, but I really just feel like saying ‘about a year ago’), I wrote a piece about the comic book Negation and its publisher, CrossGen. For a while, I collected many different CrossGen titles. In addition to Negation, I also read […]

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