My Almost Soundtrack: 9/4

With the holiday, my days have been messed up. Plus, my job has been messing with my schedule and I’ve been bouncing around.

On Sunday, most of my family came over for a cookout. Twindaddy brought his three boys. Our younger brother brought his two boys. My mom and Mrs. Revis’ dad showed up, and he brought my niece (my wife’s sister’s daughter) with him. Needless to say, with all of those kids running around, it was crazy in my house. I got to avoid most of the craziness, as I was manning the grill most of the time.

While it was cool that I got to spend some time with them all, there was also a downside to it. My younger brother, and his kids were sick. So, I woke up on Monday (my paid day off) and I felt like crap. I spent all day with my wife and daughter (who were also not feeling good). Had we been feeling good, it would’ve been the perfect day.

Yesterday morning, I still felt like crap, but I went to work anyways (only because I wouldn’t have gotten my holiday pay if I called in). Before I left, they informed me that they needed me to come in for the early shift today, plus tomorrow and Friday. Ok, that’s fine. I’d rather work the early shift anyways. I got home from work last night, ate dinner, watched a couple of things off the DVR with my wife, and then tried to go to sleep. Since I was still not feeling good, I was already tired, but sleep eluded me. Not because I couldn’t fall asleep, but because Baby E refused to fall asleep. It wasn’t until midnight when she finally fell asleep. It took me a little bit afterwards for me to get to sleep. At six, my alarm went off. Ugh….

Still feeling like crap, I went to work this morning only to have them tell me not to come in early (even though they told me to the day before). So, my internal clock is completely thrown off right now. My head, because of this (and the sickness) is not wanting to think right now. So, I’m not very musical at this time.

I will put up one song, because someone very special requested it.

I will also put a form on here so you can request songs for next week’s soundtrack. Feel free to put in any song you want. I’m willing to listen to anything once.

I look forward to hearing what you want me to listen to.


9 comments on “My Almost Soundtrack: 9/4

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    That stinks that you were sick for the holiday, and still are. I can come down and knock sense into your boss for jacking around with your schedule while you aren’t feeling well. It is the least I could do to say thanks.

  2. Life gives with one hand and takes with the other… and it doesn’t always wash those hands first.

  3. djmatticus says:

    I. Am. An. Idiot.
    I kept stopping by since Wednesday morning looking for new posts, and all I ever saw was the “Walk” one… finally figured out today that it had been fixed to the top of the page and I had to scowl down. It’s been that kind of week.

  4. bardictale says:

    I hope you feel better. Tis the wrong season to be sick…

  5. […] For the past week, I’ve been sick (it’s actually been over a week, but who’s counting). I’m feeling better, although I am still congested. Because of this, I didn’t feel like coming up with songs of my own, so I asked you for yours. A number of you suggested songs, so I’m going to pick a few of them, then finish the list off with a few of my own. If you want to suggest songs for a future soundtrack, feel free to send them from here. […]

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