Expecting Company

When I worked at Wal-Mart, it seemed like every other month that management was coming up to us, saying that we had company coming. The company was always someone from Home Office or was a Regional Manager, or someone a lot more important than anyone who worked in our store. Our store’s managers would freak out. They’d make everyone work harder, doing things the right way (which they should’ve been done all along, but it only mattered when company was coming). By the time we were finished, everyone would be stressed out and ready to snap.

Nine times out of ten, the company would end up not coming, making all of that work in vain. The one time out of ten that they actually showed up, they usually went straight to the offices in the back. Rarely did they ever leave them. That meant that they spent little to no time out on the sales floor. That also led to all of that work being in vain.

The longer that I worked there, the less I cared about the company that was supposedly showing up. Doing all of that extra work was pointless, so I eventually just started going through the motions; pretending to do the work they wanted me to do, while actually just doing nothing. In the end, they never seemed to notice, anyways.

I’ve been at my new job for about a year and a half now. In that time, they’ve only done the “we’re expecting company thing” a few times. Two of those times were when the owner of the company came out from California to do inspections of how his son was running the Kentucky location. Another time was some type of inspection that gave our company some sort of certification. Other than the certification one (which ended up getting pushed back a couple of times), these visits were all on time and actually had a point to them.

Earlier this week, we had another visit. This time it was from one of the car companies who uses the radios that we repair. Apparently they wanted to check out our operation and make sure we’re doing everything to their satisfaction. Ok, I get that. If I were them, I’d want to make sure everyone I worked with was doing what they were supposed to.

So, for two days, I busted my ass to clean the warehouse up. I had to make sure all of the skids (and the boxes on the skids) were all lined up and straight. I had to make sure all of the work stations were organized and clean. When I’m done, it doesn’t look perfect, but it looks pretty good. Wednesday, the people show up. They toured the offices. They looked in the tech room (where they repair the radios). They even looked in the locker rooms. They did not, however, look out into the warehouse.

What the fuck…..

It was important to see how clean we keep our bathrooms, but they didn’t need to see how we ship their radios? That’s 33 grams of BS.

After they left, my lead said that when they got here, they told our bosses that they didn’t have the time to listen to us to explain all of our shipping procedures. I said, “No. They just didn’t want to leave the air conditioned part of the building.”

If I would’ve known that this is how they would’ve handled it, I would’ve only cleaned the area of the warehouse that you can see from the tech room. I hate when I get company at work…


12 comments on “Expecting Company

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    That is 33 grams of suck. With your luck, if you only do that small area, the next time they come, they will check the whole thing…

  2. El Guapo says:

    Company at the office is the worst.
    Throws off the whole nap schedule.

  3. Kim says:

    Lol… Same thing happens at the Marine base, where I work… Except our big wigs seem to avoid us who reside in the air conditioning…

  4. I too worked at Walmart and had the “company” people coming too,,,,,I’m soooo glad I don’t work there anymore,,,,it’s just a bunch of crap,,and a way for the managers to get there bonus’s and the average person got squat.

  5. That is why we never have company at our house…

  6. likeitiz says:

    We’re in the food business. So things happen differently for us. They look at every crack, corner, and crevice. Especially the ones you did not catch. They take the temperatures on everything. I’ve had some even swab our light switches!

  7. We’ve been watching streaming episodes of “Undercover Boss” so I was intrigued by this post. It stinks that you ended up with extra work to keep up appearances rather than work that actually makes things function in a better way.

  8. The Hook says:

    Working for a living sucks. Period.

  9. bardictale says:

    Ugh. How about having an air conditioner malfunction throughout the building next time?

  10. Pity you couldn’t have organised everyone at WalMart to phone in sick on the relevant days. That would have been funny.

  11. djmatticus says:

    Alas, that’s the way it is all over. Whenever we are expecting “company” we have to make sure our workstations are cleaned up and we have to go from business casual to business formal. We never actually see this company though because they are only interested in talking to the upper tiers of our management and they lock themselves away in offices and conference rooms all day. So the rest of us suffer in our neckties and ridiculous suits for no good reason. Good times.

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