Dead Set Part 21


“You killed Gabriel,” Christian muttered as he moved towards the assassin.

“We were fighting. It was either him or me,” DS argued.

“Now it’s going to be you.”

“Come on,” DS pleaded. “He had a gun. I thought he was gonna hurt my daughter. What would you have done?”

Christian stopped for a moment, thinking about what DS had said. “Good point, but if you want to continue living, you’ve gotta help me track Gabriel down. Don’t ask how he’s back. It’s too long of a story.”

“I’ll do whatever I can, but we might run into a few problems pretty soon.”

“Like what?”

“The Division has sent a team of assassins out to kill you. And, if they catch me helping you, they’ll kill me too.”

“Then, for your sake, we better find Gabriel quickly. As soon as we do, you tell those fuckers to back off of me, or I’ll slaughter every one of them. I know he has a hideout close by, but it’s unlikely that he’ll be there. It’s worth a try, though.”

“Why don’t you just ask Samantha? She could use her power to see where we can find him.”

Christian smacked himself in the forehead. Why hadn’t he thought of that? I must be tired, he thought. “We’ll ask her in the morning. Right now, I need to get some rest.”

“Plus, we should get outta here before the cops show up.”

They left the building and drove DS’s car to one of Christian’s buildings. As soon as his head hit the pillow, the eternal was asleep. DS stayed up most of the night wondering how his life had become so messed up.


Father Michaels was preparing for another nightly run when Gabriel walked in the door to Whiting’s apartment. The priest looked him over. “Our business is finished,” he stated. “What are you doing here?:”

“I need someplace to hide,” Gabriel responded.

“Who are you running from?”

“The man who kicked your ass the last time we met.”

“Christian? Well, hide out here if you want, but I’ve got some work to do.”

The priest grabbed his weapons and headed for the door. “What kind of work does a priest need a crossbow for,” Gabriel asked.

“There are sinners that need to be saved. These are the tools I use to send them to receive their judgment.”

Gabriel looked questioningly at the man. That sounds like something that Death would say. Had he gotten to this man? “Do you mind if I come along,” he asked Father Michaels.

“You wish to join me in my holy crusade?”

“It sounds like something that needs to be done. I’d like to help.”

“Excellent. Together we can rid the world of the people who commit sin.”

Yes, Gabriel thought, and we can meet up with Death while we’re at it.


They stood outside of a run-down building, waiting for the right person to walk out. The wait was not long. As the man exited, Father Michaels pointed to the man’s hand. Gabriel shrugged. He didn’t know what the priest was referring to. Father Michael’s motioned for him to follow. Soon, they had the man cornered in a dark alley.

“What do you want,” the frightened man asked. “Take my wallet. Just don’t hurt me.”

“The ring on your finger tells me you’re married,” Father Michaels asked in an angry tone. “Is that true?”

“Yeah. So?”

“Then why were you just in a whorehouse?”

“Why else would I go there?”

“To commit adultery?”

“So what? She cheated on me first.”

“That does not excuse you from breaking one of the Commandments.”

Father Michaels pulled out his crossbow and shot the man in the throat. “Now,” he said to the dying man, “I want you to use this time to communicate with God. Ask him for his forgiveness. Apologize for your sins. If you are sincere, he will not let you burn in torment for eternity.”

Gabriel watched the man try to make a prayer escape his lips, but his breath gave out before he could. The priest ran his fingers through the man’s blood and began writing on the wall with it. When he was finished, Gabriel looked at him in amazement. “How do you know about DS,” Gabriel demanded.

“I told him about DS,” came a voice from the darkness.

“My Lord,” Father Michaels exclaimed, kneeling.

“Arise, my son. I give you your leave. I must speak with Gabriel alone.”

Father Michaels did as he was told, leaving Death alone with Gabriel. “Why are you making him do this,” Gabriel asked. “While having a priest going around killing people is funny, I don’t see a purpose behind it.”

“Your father has thwarted my plans of taking DS. I am using the priest to do it for me.”

“No! DS is mine!”

“You are in no position to make demands. I could send you back to the afterlife right now. I have further use for you.”

“Unless you’re gonna let me kill DS, then go ahead and send me back.”

“You will help the priest kill DS. It will be difficult, however, for he is with your father. What I need you to do is distract your father long enough to make sure he does not interfere with my plans.”

“How do I do that?”

“All you have to do is….”


8 comments on “Dead Set Part 21

  1. BrainRants says:

    Murderous priests. Me likey.

  2. This just gets crazier and crazier…

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    All you have to do is…what?? Meanie!

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