Letter to my Fellow Bloggers

I’ve been lucky here on WordPress. There are many of you that I’ve met on here that I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with outside of this here blog. Unfortunately, for the past couple of days, my email has been acting up. Some people have said that they’re getting my emails twice. Others have said that they haven’t gotten what I’ve sent. If you’ve emailed me, and I haven’t replied, email me again to make sure I’ve gotten it. I’ll make sure to get back to you when I get it.


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21 comments on “Letter to my Fellow Bloggers

  1. Are you with outlook? i couldn’t get in at all except for the rare moment yesterday and even into this morning. outlook was down

  2. rarasaur says:

    My gmail was acting all weird this last week, too. Unreliable email stinks.

  3. BrainRants says:

    I blame global warning, and obamacare.

  4. I’ve had this problem with everything except iCloud. That’s why I use that for here. Watch, now that I’ve said it – I’ve probably jinxed it, though.

  5. The tiny robots are at war again… I didn’t do it…

  6. I know it’s been a bit, but I’m glad you’re back!

  7. White Pearl says:

    I recently had a problem with word press and I can’t comment here ! I don’t know but I guess the problems with internet will remain the same ! I hope your problem solves out soon šŸ™‚

  8. djmatticus says:

    Hmmmmmm… me wonders… did you get the email I sent you at the beginning of the week? I’m not sure I saved it… I’ll have to see if I can find it and send it again. :-/

  9. The Hook says:

    Technology, man….

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