Hero of the Moment: Homer Bailey

I know that Twindaddy normally does these Hero of the Moment posts, but I felt that I needed to do this one. I actually wanted to write this last night, but never got a chance to.

Some of you out there might already know who Homer Bailey is, especially if you’re a baseball fan, or live in the Cincinnati area. For those of you who don’t, Homer Bailey is a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Tuesday night, he threw the first no-hitter of the season, beating the San Francisco Giants 3-0. While being able to throw a no-hitter in the major leagues is a rare and special thing (it’s actually the 2nd one Bailey has thrown), it is not why he is my Hero of the Moment. What he did after the game is why he’s my Hero of the Moment.

image courtesy of mlb.com

image courtesy of mlb.com

Immediately after the game, he was giving an on-field interview with a reporter from Fox Sports Ohio. The reporter was asking him about his one blemish during the game, a walk to the leadoff batter in the 7th inning. During the inning previous, Homer had to run the bases and the reporter asked him if running the bases right before pitching is what caused him to walk the batter. The reporter was basically handing him an excuse for only pitching a no-hitter, and not pitching a perfect game. Homer’s reply?

No. I just fuckin’ walked a guy.”

That’s right. He dropped the F-Bomb on live TV.

While I like that he dropped the F-Bomb on live TV (although that view will probably change as Baby E starts getting old enough to understand things better), it’s not just that he dropped the F-Bomb on live TV that makes him my Hero of the Moment….it just helped.

By saying, “I just fuckin’ walked a guy,” Homer Bailey showed a little bit of personality in a sport that usually frowns upon personality from its players. You always see football and basketball players saying things like that, and nobody really cares. When a baseball player does it, however, an uproar is created (see the link on the quote, which also has video of his F-Bomb). It’s good to finally see that from a baseball player.

He’s also my Hero of the Moment because he didn’t take the reporter’s built-in excuse. He knew that he didn’t pitch a perfect game and he owned up to it. He admitted that he made at least one mistake during the game. Most pitchers, or players of any other position for that matter, would’ve jumped on the chance to blame their mistake on something other than themselves.

In short, Homer has made himself one of my new favorite players, and it has nothing to do with his on-field performance.


18 comments on “Hero of the Moment: Homer Bailey

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Hi. The fact that he didn’t pitch a perfect game made news up here. The fact that he took accountability makes him fucking awesome.

  2. BrainRants says:

    I’m just a fan of the f-bomb.

  3. bardictale says:

    I agree. His replay is noteworthy and extraordinary. Not many people would be willing to admit that on live tv^^

  4. Elyse says:

    Not to mention the fact that he has the perfect name for a baseball player …

  5. djmatticus says:

    Hooray for a person owning up to something they’ve done. Hooray for a person being a person. Hooray for someone injecting a little more personality back into Baseball. As we sat around the table last night eating some food hot off the grill, my dad and I were talking about how we miss baseball, we miss what it used to be… and I know it’s not fair to say that it has really changed that much over the years, and it is mostly just our perception of it that has, but, to some degree, you have to agree it is not the same sport it was when you were younger, right? Where are the characters, the good guys, the bad guys, the personalities? Are they still there? Are we just not looking in the right spots?

    • The problem is that because of this age of 24/7 sports news, everyone is afraid of saying anything that might upset people. That means all that baseball players say anymore is the same tired old clichés. If anyone says anything that goes against that, it’s immediately called out and bashed. This kills me, because football and basketball players are expected to have personality, yet it’s frowned upon on baseball players.

  6. Ummmm… I think that the guy who said “Nice guys finished last” actually said something more like; “Fucking assholes couldn’t hit a fucking ball if the ball was fucking glued to the motherfucking bat.” But they edited it down a little.

  7. […] was actually going to do this post right after it happened, but it was only a day or two after my other Hero of the Moment post, so I decided to wait on it. Then, I kind of forgot about it. Now, it’s a month later and I […]

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