Dead Set Part 18


“Death,” Christian screamed. “Show yourself!”

Laughter erupted from all around the blackness. Christian, already more enraged than he had ever been, became angrier. Once again, after a few seconds, a bright light flared and the two doors appeared. After his vision had cleared, he saw Death standing between the two doors. He stood silently, mocking Christian’s rage. When he was finally done laughing, he asked, “Why so angry, Life?”

“Let go of my son,” Christian demanded.

“He entered into our agreement willingly. I cannot, in honor, break such a pact.”

“Do it now, or I will beat the life out of you.”

“No, you will not. You know that if you do that, you will never die. Nothing will.”

“And you can’t kill me, or everything dies.”

“Then what do you propose? It seems we are at a stalemate.”

“No we’re not. If you don’t break the agreement right now, I’ll beat the shit out of you until you do.”

“Try it,” Death warned.

The two eternals, once again, entered into their martial dance. Death quickly gained the upper hand, moving on the offensive. Christian was somewhat blinded by his rage, causing him to make mistakes. He knew he needed a break. After taking a few minor hits, he finally found an opening and backed away. Christian, realizing that his anger was hampering him, decided to use that to his advantage. Feigning more rage, he moved back in. He swung wildly until he backed Death into the defensive position that he wanted. Now it’s time to begin, he thought.


Gabriel fired his gun. DS dodged it easily, but it forced him to lose his concentration. Samantha grabbed the gun away from her brother. Using the momentary opening, DS charged at Gabriel with a new dart leading the way. It missed it’s target. The assassin tackled him and the two of them rolled around on the floor. DS managed to gain the momentum and began pummeling Gabriel.

All of the sudden, DS felt a stinging pain in his side. Looking down, he saw one of his darts sticking out of his body, with Gabriel’s hand around it. Had he caught it? No one was that good. He probably took it out of the wall, which meant the drugs were no longer in it. Thinking he was safe, the assassin continued his assault. A feeling of overwhelming fatigue suddenly ripped through his body. He fell backwards off of his opponent. Gabriel rose to his feet and smiled.


Christian caught Death with a kick to the back of the knee. As Death dropped, Christian followed up with another kick, this time to the back of the head. Death went down face first, hitting the floor hard. Before he could recover, Christian was on top of him. The enraged eternal began pounding Death’s face ruthlessly onto the floor. When all of the fight was out of him, Life flipped him over. “Let him go,” Christian demanded again.

“Fine,” Death weakly replied. “You win.”

“Do it now!”

“It is done,” Death declared, a perplexing smile on his face.

Oh shit, Christian thought. “What are you up to,” he asked.

“You will soon see.”


Gabriel advanced slowly. His vision blurry, DS found it hard to see what his opponent was doing. Summoning all of his willpower, he intensely focused on Gabriel. “What are you doing to me,” Gabriel asked as he stopped moving forward. DS didn’t hear him. He kept his focus. Within seconds, all that was once Gabriel had disappeared. Using his powers had drained the rest of his energy. The room was spinning and, soon, darkness consumed him.


“You will tell me now,” Christian yelled.

“Your answer is there,” said Death, pointing across the room.

Christian looked, but saw nothing. Then, a fine mist appeared. The mist began to take shape, in the form of a human. After a few more moments, it was complete. Gabriel stood there, looking confused. “What have you done to him, Death?”

“I have done nothing. I negated our deal, just as you instructed me to.”

“Then why is he here?”

“He is deceased. The death-bringer delivered him to me.”

“I’m dead,” Gabriel asked, bewildered. Before Christian could explain, Gabriel began screaming at him. “That’s twice I’ve died now, and you’re to blame for both!”

“Gabriel, I was just trying to do what was best for you. It didn’t go as planned. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, right. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I guess that means your road is almost done.”

“You don’t know what Hell is, boy.”

“I know far better than you, old man.”

“Bullshit! You have no clue. Hell is watching everyone you love die, because you will live forever. Hell is knowing that the pain of loss will never go away. Hell is being trapped in a place you can never escape no matter how hard you try. You know absolutely nothing! Don’t ever preach to me, boy. Nothing you have ever experienced will ever come close to the shit that I’ve been through.”

Gabriel was silent, staring at the floor. He turned to Death. “I want the agreement back in place.”

“Do it and die,” Christian warned. “If I have to take away death from everyone, so be it.”

“Sorry,” Death told Gabriel. “I have to preserve the balance. I cannot do it.”

“Then I will kill you both.”




6 comments on “Dead Set Part 18

  1. I do not swear often… but that was fucking awesome-sausage-squeezings!!!

  2. BrainRants says:

    Ball-kicks. That’s all I can recommend. Also, where did you get the idea for this story? It’s unique!

    • It started when my old roommate, who was also a comic book nerd like me, and me were talking about superpowers. I said that it might be interesting if there was a comic book character whose only power was that he couldn’t die. He liked the idea, so I started trying to come up with a story for him, and this is what I came up with.

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