Crashing Down


I’m being shut out as the world comes crashing down

The currents pull me under as I begin to drown

A single question comes to me as I fight for air

Since I am so alone should I even care

There’s no one above me to throw the saving rope

Surrounded by the darkness I slowly lose hope

Should you have to fight to gain somebody’s love

Why is it not given freely from the man up above

I’ve tried my best but it’s not good enough for you

It all came crashing down and there’s nothing I could do


After all that I have done, all I could’ve been

Is lost on the bottom as I remain unforgiven

I’ve made mistakes, as everyone has made

But their burden is shared, alone I have stayed

The waves come crashing down, washing me away

I’m alone on the bottom, on this, my dying day

Forever this has changed me, I’ll never be the same

Releasing my sin and hate, along with all my shame

For too long fate has stabbed at me with it’s cruel knife

Today I take it back as I reclaim my life


Never again will I look forward with uncertainty

Only I will choose how miserable I will be

So crash down all you want, for I have been reborn

Never again look at me with your hatred and your scorn

So crash down all you want, I won’t be in the way

I won’t drown anymore, after this, my dying day


12 comments on “Crashing Down

  1. This sounds promising. Not the poem… that kicked ass… I mean the attitude.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    My dear Revis. This makes my heart melt. It is beautiful.

  3. Daile says:

    This is really good! I had to catch my breath after reading.

  4. hastywords says:

    Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    TwinDaddy and a few of his fellow bloggers write for this blog. You will find all kinds of STUPH here.

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