Dead Set Part 17


“I knew you didn’t care about me,” Gabriel spat.

“Bullshit,” Christian screamed. “Because of what they did to you, I became something I never thought I’d be: a killer. I took the life of everyone in that place in grief of what they did.”

“You lie again, Father. Death killed those men as a sign of good faith towards me.”

“You’re as gullible as your mother if you think he did anything for you without gain for himself. Now, I’m going to send you to meet her in the Afterlife. Maybe she can talk some sense into you.”

Christian stepped over to his son and raised the gun to rest between Gabriel’s eyes. He was about to pull the trigger when he heard Samantha yell for him to stop. Looking back, he saw her standing. There was no sign of blood on her. Before he could ask, she raised he shirt, revealing a Kevlar vest underneath. He smiled at her ingenuity.

“It’s good to know the future sometimes,” she said with a grin. “Father, don’t kill him. He doesn’t deserve to die.”

“If he allies himself with Death, then he does.”

“You would kill him for being as trusting as Mom?”

A look of profound sorrow crossed his features. He hadn’t thought of it like that. The mere mention of his dead wife took its toll on him as well. Christian looked at his son. Gabriel sat with his head lowered, crying. It amazed the eternal how much Gabriel reminded him of his wife. He untied the man. “Go,” he instructed. “Never show your face here again.”

“That willing to cast me aside again?”

“I never cast you aside in the first place. If I would’ve known what was going to happen, I never would’ve left you two there.”

“So you say.”

“Believe what you want, but ask yourself this: Why doubt me on the word of someone who kills everything?”

Gabriel didn’t have an answer to that. For over two hundred years, he believed in something that was now coming crashing down on him. His father was punching holes through his rage and was tearing it down. Tears flowed down his cheek. He had no purpose now, for his entire life had been built on revenge. “Leave,” Christian ordered. “I’ve got someplace to go and I’m not leaving you alone with them.”

“No,” was Samantha’s surprising reply. “He will not harm us. Go ahead and leave.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Besides, I’d like to get to know the brother I never knew I had.”

“Fine. I’ll come back when my business is done.”

Gabriel looked at him and said, “You’re angry. What exactly are you going to do?”

Christian, who rarely let his emotions show, wondered how his son knew that. “To pay a visit to an old friend,” he replied. Calling upon a power that he hadn’t used in thousands of years, he teleported himself to the In-Between.


DS thought that the best place to start looking for Christian was at Samantha’s house. He knew that the eternal probably wouldn’t be there, but maybe she knew where he was. Or, maybe, she could deliver a message to him. That was his best bet, if he didn’t want to be killed. This time, knowing he couldn’t kill Christian, he decided to take a tranquilizer gun with him instead of his real one. After loading a dart in, he got in his car to begin the drive over.


“How do you know I won’t harm you,” Gabriel asked after his father disappeared.

“I have a gift,” she answered. “I can see into the future.”

“Well, if you know I won’t harm you, why are you still scared?”

Samantha looked at him in shock. “How do you know that?”

“I have a gift, too. I can sense emotions. The little girl is scared, as well.”

“This is my daughter, Bethany. Bethany, say hello to your uncle, Gabriel.”

After a meek response from his niece, he turned his attention back to Samantha. “Do all of Father’s children have gifts?”

He could feel her surprise. “What other children?”

“It’s been a few hundred years. Surely, he has…”

“No, he hasn’t. He has not been with a woman since Mom died.”

Gabriel didn’t believe it. “How do you know,” he asked.

“I can see the future, remember? When I was younger, I used my gift to see if he ever dishonored Mom’s memory. He won’t.”

He nodded his head in approval as he lowered his head. That’s when he noticed that he still held the gun in his hand.


DS walked up the driveway and looked in the window. What he saw was a man holding a gun, with his daughter in the same room. What now, he asked himself. He walked to the door and drew the tranquilizer gun, wishing he brought his regular one. Kicking in the door, he pointed it at the man and fired. Samantha screamed, at first not knowing who it was. Gabriel sensing DS’s anger, ducked in time to avoid the dart. “DS,” Samantha cried. “Stop it.”

“Who is this and why does he have a gun near Bethany?”

“This is my brother, Gabriel. Gabriel, this is Bethany’s father, DS.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Gabriel said.

“I’ll say the same after you drop the gun,” DS replied sarcastically.

Gabriel chuckled slightly. He could still feel the anger DS had and knew if he did, he would be tranquilized. “Not until you drop yours.”

“Drop it now, or I’ll kill you.”

“With a tranq gun,” asked Gabriel, laughing out loud.

DS didn’t like being laughed at. Without another word, he began focusing on Gabriel.


8 comments on “Dead Set Part 17

  1. BrainRants says:

    Revis, I’m catching up here, but clearly this is the 17th part of something awesome… so before I start delving into electronic stuff, what’s the Reader’s Digest on your work? I’m asking because this is really fucking good, dude.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Moremoremore….to infinity.

  3. You are grappeling with some really huge issues here. And all done in a very exciting manner. Awesome and a half.

  4. djmatticus says:

    Awesome! You’ve got me on the edge of my seat… which can be a perilous position on a throne.

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