Story Updates

Fall of Troy

I have finally finished writing Fall of Troy. All I have to do now is type up Parts 10, 11, and 12. I’ll be posting each of them as soon as I have them typed. To catch up on Parts 1-9, click here.

A Race To Danger

Since I’m doing my best to only work on one story at a time, I put this one on the back burner while I finished Fall of Troy. Now that I’ve finished it, I started working on this again. I actually have half of Part 11 done, and have to do Part 12, then I’ll be done. I had actually only planned on doing 10 parts, but the story kind of got away from me and I had to expand it to 12. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Why aren’t you working on your stories instead of posting this update?” Well, that’s because I accidentally left the notebook I wrote Fall of Troy, and the first half of Part 11, in my locker at work. To catch up on Parts 1-10, click here.

Captain Procrastination

These stories usually don’t take me very long to write. That’s because they’re usually not very long and take little to no thought on my part. The problem is I haven’t had a good idea on how to continue on with the story. I know that Captain Procrastination is more of a humorous story than a serious one, but I’d still like the story to be at least somewhat interesting and good. That means I’m not going to put just anything down. I’ve got to think on it a little bit more and, hopefully, I’ll come up with something soon. To catch the rest of Captain Procrastination’s antics, click here.

I’m working on a few other things, but nothing that I’m ready to put up just yet. I’ll also continue to put up chapters of Dead Set every so often, too. As always, your comments on my writing would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t feel comfortable commenting publically, feel free to email me at


6 comments on “Story Updates

  1. I shall have to read some of your things. I’m glad you’v’e linked the previous chapters; makes it much easier for me to find.

  2. Captain Procrastination is procrastinating!

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