Blood on His Hands

The following is another duet with the very talented and beautiful Not Quite Alice.

Here you held me
Broken, bleeding, crushed, and bruised
You squeezed tighter,
Leaving me so shattered and abused

You’re grip was lethal
I could not shake it
Crying, cowering

Tears streaming down
Creating a flood
Full of my sorrows and pain
Created from my blood

Blow after blow
Breaking my skin
Demonic screaming
Vortex within

Face twisted with pain
Yours with full of rage
Staring into your black eyes
All I wanted was to push you into that cage

You suddenly stop
Face softened and then
You promised that you
Would never do it again


2 comments on “Blood on His Hands

  1. Iam Who Iam says:

    A duet with another blogger? Do you two take every other line? Every other verse? Just curious (I’m gonna post the same comment on Not Quite Alice’s blog to see who answers me first . . . the race is on . . . the winner gets a new follower)

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