Our Journey Together

This is the first of my poetic duets with the very talented Jaded. Hope you enjoy.

There’s distance between us

But I still will call you friend

There’s hurt in your words

I wish that I could mend

The care I have for you, my friend

Can cover every mile

My goal remains the same each day:

Just to make you smile

Across the miles so far away

I have something that I must say.

I met you unexpectedly

through virtual reality.

So sudden that it came to be

how dear a friend you are to me.

Insomnia won the bitter fight

I settled in that fateful night.

What to read

how will I decide?

A blog inviting

come inside.

Two brothers from my native state

and other stuph to which I could relate.

I read and commented

so nervous was I.

I never expected

one in word reply.


Down you swooped on wings of red

You stand by maize and blue

If I can put up with that from family

I can put up with it from you too

13 comments on “Our Journey Together

  1. Like.

    (because apparently that’s something we do nowadays.)

    Here’s an idea, how about a giant collaboration of tag team poetry. With as many people as we can gather? Different styles all smoothly blended into one art-cocktail.

    Is that cool? Or stupid?

    Honesty is appreciated.

    • It sounds like a cool idea, but it also sounds like a lot of work to get coordinated. So, if you want to be the one to do it, go for it. I’m game.

      • I’ll think of a way to let it go smoothly, here’s what I got so far:

        First, promotion. We need to all promote it on our blogs in order to gather a lot of people.
        Then we create a mailinglist, which can be published central somewhere.
        Then one person starts with, let’s say; 4 lines and sends it to the next.

        I’ll think it through further, I’ll get back to it here.

  2. The Hook says:

    Great team-up, folks!

  3. Simon says:

    An exceptional collaboration, between two people who obviously care a lot for each other. It’s something special to be able to share in your supportive relationship. A wonderful poem.

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