The Evolution Of My Geekdom Part 6

When I first started playing Left 4 Dead, I didn’t know what to expect. I had friends who had played it and described it to me, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it after that. I was used to Rainbow 6 3: Black Arrow, where it’s just teams of people going around killing each other. How much fun could there possibly be in only 4 people killing computerized zombies? It turns out that it’s a lot.

Left 4 Dead is awesome for a number of reasons. One: killing zombies is fun. I can’t help it. It just is. Two: it’s the only game I’ve played so far that actually promotes teamwork. In other shooter games you can work together, but most people don’t. In Left 4 Dead if you don’t work together, you’re dead. Three: the dialogue between the characters (and some of the messages written in the safe rooms) is usually hilarious. Four: killing zombies is just so much fun!!!

For probably a year straight, I played one of the Left 4 Dead games every night for at least a couple of hours. The 4 man squad included me, Sac-Town ,  one of my two brothers (usually my younger brother), and either Sac-Town’s younger brother or a guy we met in a game online when we started playing the first one. The normal lineup was me, Sac-town, my younger brother, and online guy. Between the 4 of us, we got 3/4 of the way to earning the ‘What Are You Trying To Prove” achievement, which you got for beating all 4 of the original levels on the hardest difficulty. That last level was a bitch, so we were never able to get it.

We’d also get together and play versus against other people. This let you take turns playing as the survivors and the infected. Playing as a smoker, hunter, or any of the special infected was fun (once you got used to it. It was a little weird at first). The best was when you got to play as the tank (it would randomly select one of the players each time one came up). Hitting someone and watching them go flying was great. It was also awesome when you’d be near cars and threw them at your opponents. I once took down an entire enemy team with one throw of a car.

I have literally spent hundreds of hours playing the Left 4 Dead games, and I still play them to this day. My wife was curious about the game I spent so much time playing that she wanted to try it out herself. I played it with her thinking that she’d hate it, because she usually doesn’t like the games I play. Not only did she not hate it, she’s now as addicted to it as I am. We try to play a few rounds at least once every weekend, which our daughter doesn’t always allow.

I am actually hoping that they will make a third one. Everyone I’ve talked to says that a third one would be pointless because there’s nothing new for them to do. That’s where I disagree. My Fall of Troy story is based on the changes I think they can make to the game while still staying true to the core playability.

1. Customizable survivors. Picking everything out about the person you play as including appearance, voice, and attitude.

2. Have 8 survivors. Your character would take up one slot, then have 7 others that you can choose from to make your 4 person group when you go through the missions. You can mix and match which ones you have go with you, which also helps increase replay value as you can go through and see what certain characters will say when they’re with all of the other characters.

3. I’ve had some people say that a leveling system should be added, but if it were up to me, I wouldn’t do it as I hate leveling systems in first-person shooters. Having a leveling system would make it Call Of Duty, not Left 4 Dead.

Well, there’s only one my part of my Geekdom evolution. I hope you’re looking forward to it. Until then, faithful readers.


3 comments on “The Evolution Of My Geekdom Part 6

  1. rarasaur says:

    I love the customizable survivors idea. I don’t really know why that has so much value, since it doesn’t actually impact the game… but it would be so cool!! 🙂 I’m glad your wife was sucked in, too… the family that slays together, stays together. 😉

    • I know. It’s such a little thing, but it would make such a big difference.

      And we do slay together…except for on the bridge finale on The Parish in L4D2. She refuses to play that board anymore.

  2. […] you might have noticed that I’ve mentioned my friend Sac-Town a few times. He was part of my video game crew. I told you what happen the time a couple of Mormons dropped by his house. I shared with you his […]

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