Captain Procrastination: Nemesis

Our hero’s plan to publically humiliate the Multi-Tasker backfired. After Captain Procrastination pulled his nemesis’ pants down, the Multi-Tasker’s popularity soared, especially among women, who admired his huge……heroic deed. So far, the only thing that has changed is that now Captain Procrastination was getting calls for work, but they’re not from the mayor. The calls are coming from the mayor’s wife who wants him to pull the Multi-Tasker’s pants down again.

Something had to change. Our hero was sick of the pretender who came and took over his city. It was time for Captain Procrastination to confront this nuisance. He watched the television to try to find his opportunity. A few hours later, he woke up, cursing the Multi-Tasker for making him fall asleep while conveniently forgetting that the Multi-Tasker doesn’t have that power.

As soon as the next news update broke in, he was on the move to the location. He arrived a few seconds later, resisting the urge to take his last prank a step further and Lorena Bobbitting the Multi-Tasker. Our hero didn’t refrain for any moral or ethical reasons. He refrained because he didn’t want to touch another man’s package (which, all of the straight men out there will agree, trumps everything else).

From the shadows, Captain Procrastination watched as the Multi-Tasker saved another life. He waited until his nemesis finished the job and left the scene, following at a discreet distance. Eventually, the chase led him to the Multi-Tasker’s secret lair, an abandoned warehouse. Captain Procrastination waited a few minutes after the Multi-Tasker went in to follow.

One wall of the warehouse was covered in TV screens and computer monitors. The other three were bare. Even though the place was mostly empty, our hero lost the Multi-Tasker. Well, he didn’t completely lose him. He just lost the one that he was following, because there were twenty more Multi-Taskers walking around the building……


7 comments on “Captain Procrastination: Nemesis

  1. Curses! There are multiples! New plan, take them out one by one, but only at the last minute.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Huge…..heroic deed. Hahahaha…ahem…interesting twist.

  3. The Hook says:

    Murphy’s Law, man…

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