My New Language

Having a child changes a lot of things. One of them is how you speak. For most people, it lessens the frequency of cussing (it did for me, at least when Baby E is around anyways). It also makes you start talking in a way you can’t control. I don’t know how else to explain it, but for some reason, you MUST talk to your child in that annoying baby talk. You try not to do it, but, no matter what, you always find yourself doing this:

Then, after you do it, you always ask yourself if you just actually did that.

You also change how you say certain words. ee, ey, or ie (whichever one you want to use) get added to the end of words in order to make them “cuter”. So, now instead of naked, we say nakee. Now, instead of hungry, we say hungee.

New phrases are also common. I’ll give you a few examples of them:

“New butt.”: This is used as a way of asking Baby E if she needs a diaper change. “Do you need a new butt?”

“Stealing kisses.”: Since Baby E is only nine months old, any kisses she gives or receives are involuntary, we say that we steal kisses from her. It’s actually kind of cute as we now have Baby A and Baby B saying it to her.

“Snuggle bug”: For use when Baby E is in a particularly cuddly mood. I actually thought this was something my wife made up, but we found a sleeper with this on it when we were out looking for new clothes for her. My wife immediately got it.

This is all I have for now. Is there any phrases you parents out there have for your little ones?


11 comments on “My New Language

  1. I kind of love the “new butt” terminology. I’m going to use that with my husband tomorrow morning! The fun part of baby talk is when your kid starts to talk and they say things in their own cute, unique ways. My nephew used to say “boon” for “balloon.” And “lellow” for “yellow.” Sometimes I catching myself saying those words. Then I quickly correct myself. But I hope you are enjoying parenthood and all of its fun changes (including words!) xo

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    No kids here. A favorite is “How big is (baby e)? Baby E is soooo big (as you gently raise her arms above her head). My feeble attempt at babyspeak. So cute….and yes, if someone asks her where she learned her “colorful” vocabulary, and she heard it from you, she will throw you under the bus. Be warned!


  3. rarasaur says:

    My family is riddled with children. That means, despite the abundance of higher level degrees running about at family gettogethers, everyone still says “mo-mos” instead of “almost”, and “yuckimoondoos” (spelling?) instead of “gross”, and “owee” instead of “injury”. 🙂 My dad also has his kid-appropriate swear words: like cacajuates (spanish for peanuts, pronounced ca-ca-wah-tes). It’s the kind of vocabulary that sticks! 🙂

  4. i have the obvious – does Shy want some yum yums (food)? Bot Bot (bottle), Dum dum (dummy which she now also calls a du du du), I probably have loads more but haven’t even realised my entire language is made up of baby words!

  5. MissFourEyes says:

    “New butt” is so cute! I tried the baby talk with my year old niece once. She stared at me like I’d gone crazy. Then proceeded to laugh AT me, not with me.

  6. My brother-in-law swears at his x-box game without realising. My younger niece is autistic and doesn’t talk much. One phrase she uses is “ubadubsake”. My sister finally worked out that what it translates as is “oh for f**** sake”. As my niece is now attending a specialist school three days a week (and will go full time soon) her speech is starting to get a little clearer. We’re all hoping that this phrase, well, won’t.

    For reasons unknown, my family call a dummy a dodi. No idea why.

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