My Weekly Soundtrack – 4/9

It’s time for another installment of my weekly soundtrack, my friends. There is an underlying message in my song selections here. See if you can guess it. Onto the music!

I’ve done a Breaking Benjamin song in all of these so far, I think. I don’t care, though. Right now, they’re probably my second favorite band, right behind The Offspring.

I’ve also done this song in one already, but it fits in with my message, so I went with it.

I’ve loved this song for a while. This band came and went far too quickly.

Another good song (I wouldn’t put one up here I didn’t like). 3DG is a good band to listen to when you need to get pumped up for something.

One of their slower songs, but it’s still pretty sweet.

12 Stones is a very underrated band. If you haven’t heard them yet, you definitely need to check them out.

I’m pretty sure this one needs no words from me.


Well, there you have it, folks: another Revis soundtrack. Hope you enjoy it and have a good night.


Revis "......."

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