SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 8


“Don’t just sit there,” I yelled at Envy. “Get that thing out of here.”

“Master,” he replied, “I am programmed for translation and swoop bike repair. What part of either of those two bits of programming make you think I know how to dispose of a bomb? Idiot.”

“Do it anyway, you bucket of bolts!”

“You’re the one who wants it gone. Why don’t you do it?”

“You’re the droid. I’m the master. You do what I tell you to. End of story.”

“And how well has that worked out for you so far, Master?”

This is one of a few times that I wished Envy was a human….that way I could beat the attitude out of him. As it was, I couldn’t help but think he may have a point. Even if he did try to get rid of the bomb for me, he might accidentally blow the whole ship up. The last time I checked, that was a bad thing.

I tried to go over what to do in my head, but I’ve never had to figure out how to handle a bomb before. After going over several scenarios in my head, I chose one and went with it. “Envy, finish fixing the swoop as we had planned,” I ordered. “Pretend we never found that box.”

“Even for a fleshpile, that seems to be a stupid plan. Are you sure?”

“Just do it.”

I ran up to Katellan’s quarters and put a note on his door containing my orders for him. For now, all I could do was concentrate on the things that I had to do for Nalith. That meant that I had to go see Teebo. I couldn’t put it off anymore.  When I reached the ramp, I closed my eyes as I pushed the button to lower it.

As soon as I heard the ramp stop, I opened my eyes. For once, there was nobody there waiting for me with a blaster. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had a bomb on board my ship, I’d say my luck was changing. I was able to catch a ride over to the track. The first thing I did was try to find a familiar face who might know where I could find Teebo. A few minutes later, I saw one.

Ingo Harbonen was a fellow racer from Imperial Center. He was the swoop race circuit’s unofficial gossip. If anyone knew where I could find Teebo, it would be him. Unfortunately, that meant dealing with Ingo, who was a tad strange.

“Torr, you beautiful man,” he exclaimed as I approached. “Congratulations on your win.”

“Thanks,” I replied, a little uncomfortable with a man who would call me beautiful. Not that he’s wrong about it, but it’s not something that needs to be said. “I need to ask you something, Ingo.”

“Yes, we’ve all had those kinds of thoughts from time to time. It’s not unnatural, and sometimes it’s even fun to act on them.”

“Umm, what?”

“Oh, sorry. I was hoping you were going to ask me a specific question. Nevermind. What’d you need?”

“Uhh, ok. So, where’s Teebo?”

“I thought you hated that guy.”

“I do.”

“Why do you want to find him, then? You’re not going to hurt him are you? I’d hate to see you get in trouble.”

“No, nothing like that. I just need to talk to him about some business.”

“In that case, he’s in Hanger 18.”

I thanked Ingo and started to walk away. As I walked into a crowd, I felt something in my back. “Nalith wants to see you,” a voice said into my ear.

This was starting to get a little old. I was becoming tired of always being told what to do at blaster-point. It probably would’ve been a smarter move to just go with the man, but I needed to show Nalith that, even though he had me where he wanted me, I wasn’t going to completely bow to his wishes. Without saying a word, I kicked my leg straight back, connecting solidly with the man’s….personal belongings. He dropped to the ground with a girlish shriek. From behind me, I heard another man cry out. Apparently, the man has an accomplice.

Turning around, I saw the other man, who was now running towards me. The fact that they didn’t seem to care about witnesses was somewhat reassuring. Hopefully, that means that they’re not going to be shooting me today. I kicked the man on the ground again (Uhh, I mean, I tripped over him? Maybe?), and ran away from his friend. A stream of curses followed in my wake as I pushed myself through the crowd. Glancing back over my shoulder, I saw that my pursuer was having the same trouble getting past people as I was. It was time to change tactics.

I saw an alley up ahead and decided to make my move. Running into the alley, I stopped soon after and put myself flat against the wall. Even though it was only a few seconds, the wait for the man chasing me seemed to take forever. When he finally entered the alley, I immediately threw a punch at his face. Because he was running at full speed, he was unable to get out of the way. The thump that followed was something that I had never heard after a punch before (of course, the pain in my hand was something I had never felt after a punch before either. I probably should’ve thought this through a little more).

The man crumpled to the ground. I found myself strangely proud of this accomplishment. My life has been full of many fights, but none that I’ve dominated so easily and quick. I took down two hired goons with one hit each. At this point, I probably should’ve taken off instead of admiring my handiwork, but I’m new to this kind of thing. That inexperience cost me as I heard someone behind me clear their throat. When I turned to look, the only thing I saw was a blaster before I heard it fire and everything went black.


4 comments on “SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 8

  1. Alastair says:

    Haha. Love it. Envy reminds me of HK-47 especially with the use of “Fleshpile” as HK-47 uses “meatbags”

    Great story

  2. The Hook says:

    I’m telling you, send these to Lucas!

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