I Accidentally Twittered

As a regular contributor on this here blog, I have Admin priveledges on Stuph Blog’s Facebook page (What? You haven’t liked us on Facebook yet? Shame on you!). I usually don’t get on there, however. I used to make a status update every time I published a new post, but, for whatever reason, I haven’t been doing that lately.

This morning, before I headed off to work, I decided to put a status update on there to pimp my Guest Post at The Matticus Kingdom (What? You haven’t read it yet? Shame on you!). Unbeknownst to me, the Stuph Blog Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked, meaning when I post something on Facebook, it shows up on Twitter.
Normally, I would never have noticed this, as I have never been to Twitter before (Twindaddy does all of Stuph Blog’s Twittery things). The only reason I did was because I saw my Facebook post on the side of The Matticus Kingdom’s page and I thought to myself “Why is my Facebook post on the side of his page?”. So, I clicked on the link, which led me to this little conversation.



18 comments on “I Accidentally Twittered

  1. Was a simply awesome conversation. It made my day.

  2. Elyse says:

    Does that make you an accidental twit or an accidental twat? Social media lingo is so confusing …

  3. rarasaur says:

    This made me giggle. Ah, social media– such a tangled web! 🙂

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    Lol. Too funny. You’re Twitter cherry has been popped.

  5. Yes, I usually find myself laughing at my brother.

  6. Love that conversation! I’m still not going to get me a twitter account, however.

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