My Wedding Reception

I promised Twindaddy that I wouldn’t post any stories about him doing embarrassing things. After reading this, you may think I’m breaking that promise, but I have two reasons that I believe I’m not. One, he didn’t do the embarrassing thing, it was done to him. And, two, it happened at my wedding reception, so that gives me permission to use it.

Anybody that knows me knows that I don’t drink. Alcohol does not mix well with my medication. Since this was my wedding, however, I decided to make an exception. Plus, while my medication really didn’t give me any side effects, except to occasionally make me drowsy, I didn’t want to chance it clouding up any part of what is now tied for the best day of my life (the other being the day that Baby E was born).

Our wedding went off without a hitch (Although all of the guys in the wedding party were a little toasty because we got married outdoors, in June, and we were all wearing suits). The ceremony was over fairly quickly, we took the pictures, and moved on to the reception. The hall where we had it didn’t have a license, so all they could serve was beer. However, they didn’t care if you brought your own liquor in (so long as you kept the bottles hidden in case  someone they didn’t want to see the bottles showed up).

Out of all the people who was there, I’m pretty sure that there were only three people who weren’t drinking: my mother (who doesn’t drink), my wife’s sister (who was pregnant), and our designated driver. Everyone else there got at least buzzed. Eventually, our time at the hall ran out and some of us still wanted to continue. So, my wife and I, both of my brothers, my other groomsman, and my dad and stepmother went out to drink some more. We continued until well into the night before heading home.

At this point, Twindaddy and I lived in the same apartment complex (he actually lived in the apartment directly above mine) so the next morning, after we had all woke up, we got together to hang out. Sometime during this, my wife got a call from her dad. Twindaddy, upon hearing this, became agitated. I asked him why he was suddenly apprehensive about my father-in-law. His response?

At the reception the night before, after everyone had gotten a little loopy, my father-in-law apparently grabbed Twindaddy’s ass. Now, every time they see each other, there is an inevitable ass grabbing joke.

To this day, my father-in-law swears he doesn’t even remember doing it.


47 comments on “My Wedding Reception

  1. Elyse says:

    There’s nothing like extended family … nothing. And that’s probably a good thing.

  2. MissFourEyes says:

    Hahahaha! Poor Twindaddy!
    Or poor father-in-law?

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    I agree. Rolls the “No promises were broken in the writing of this post.” credit. Payback or just a funny share?

  4. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha. That’s too perfect!

  5. Oh golly. On the positive side, they’ve turned it into a running joke which will probably annoy the hell out of everyone else in the family!!

  6. stephrogers says:

    That is really funny. TD will be practicing the back-to-the-wall shuffle whenever he’s around!

  7. […] at the time were on some Grease (the movie) kick, lit up the dance floor. Then some weird old man grabbed a handful of my ass. Our best friend drunkenly jumped off the second floor balcony after we got home and the rest of us […]

  8. Reblogged this on 33 Grams of Blog and commented:

    In honor of my older brother’s birthday, I’m reblogging this story about him. This story still gets brought up whenever the two of them are together.

  9. ridicuryder says:

    Revis & Twindaddy,

    Weddings are basically great big swirls of gayness that snare everyone. A dude giving your ass a little attention is just part of the “Getting All Wrapped Up In The Moment” vibe…great for funny after stories. Just roll with it.


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